The Witches Digest for Wednesday, August 30 – (Part 1 )


The Witches Digest for Wednesday, August 30

Goddess, grant those in Texas courage
To face their current situation and what lies head.
The courage to deal with the challenges
In the best way possible.


Earth lend them strength
and make them strong and grounded
Air blow fear away
And keep their heads clear.
Fire burn away doubt
That would drain their will
And water, calm and soothe them
So they stay strong and know better
days are ahead.


Spirit, burn strong within them
That they might be brave
In this very difficult situation and tragedy
Goddess grant them perservance
Goddess grant them stength
Most of all embrace them in Your
Love and Embrace.

Let them know through you all
things are possible.
Let them cling to their faith and
let them know they are not alone.
Their brothers & sisters stand with them,
in Thought, Prayer and Love.


Goddess, with all our hearts we pray
bless the people of Texas.


So Mote It Be.


Your Daily Sun & Moon Data for Wednesday, August 30


The Sun
Sun Direction: ↑ 94.10° E
Sun Altitude: 20.09°
Sun Distance: 93.845 million mi
Next Equinox: Sep 22, 2017 3:01 pm (Autumnal)
Sunrise Today: 6:23 am↑ 78° East
Sunset Today: 7:25 pm↑ 281° West
Length of Daylight: 13 hours, 1 minute


The Moon
Moon Direction: ↑ 22.48° NNE
Moon Altitude: -70.35°
Moon Distance: 251224 mi
Next Full Moon: Sep 6, 20172:02 am
Next New Moon: Sep 20, 201712:29 am
Next Moonrise: Today2:51 pm
Current Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Illumination 62.5%


Lunar Caalendar
Moon Phase Tonight: Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon: Sep 6, 2017 at 2:02 am
(Next Phase)
First Quarter: Aug 29, 2017 at 3:12 am
(Previous Phase)


Your Astrology for Wednesday, August 30


The Moon is in Sagittarius.
The Moon is waxing and in its First Quarter phase.
The First Quarter Moon occurred yesterday, and a Full Moon will occur on September 6th.
Mercury is retrograde (Mercury is retrograde from August 12-September 5).

Overview for Tuesday, August 30


The Moon is in Sagittarius all day, promoting a happy, spontaneous, and curious attitude. We have a desire to venture out and about and require less prompting than usual to get moving. Bored with the mundane, something that cuts through monotony or breaks the routine can serve as emotional refreshment. We’re inclined to take a philosophical attitude to problems or challenges in our lives. A change of scenery is in order today.


Even so, with the Moon conjunct Saturn this morning, we may need to take care of some business or deal with a responsibility that comes to light. Unlike yesterday, we’re ready to bring something down to earth, and we’re less inclined to go over the top. We’re also in a good position to cooperate and mingle with others and enjoy ourselves in the process.

Moon in Sagittarius


The Moon is traveling through Sagittarius. The grass looks greener on the other side during this time. Jump ship. Learn a new language. Tell it like it is. Make people laugh.


The Moon is at her most optimistic and upbeat in Sagittarius. We are motivated by a need to seek the truth, and we are ready to pursue a new vision. We are not interested in details just now. Instead, we focus on the big picture. New experiences and adventures satisfy a deep emotional need. Spontaneity is the key. We may also be inclined toward overdoing and overstating. We don’t want to plan ahead, and prefer to “wing it”.


The Moon in Sagittarius generally favors the following activities: Adventurous activities that involve “winging it”, travel, higher education, starting publishing projects, advertising, sports, physical activity.

The Sky This Week for August 30 to September 3

The Aurigid meteor shower, Asteroid 3122 Florence, and other cool things to look for in the sky this week.
By Richard Talcott


Wednesday, August 30

The waxing gibbous Moon makes an even better guide to Saturn this evening, when our satellite lies some 6° to the upper left of the planet. Shining at magnitude 0.4, Saturn is the brightest object anywhere near the Moon. The two lie highest in the south after sunset and then dip toward the southwestern horizon, setting shortly after midnight. When you view Saturn through a telescope this week, the planet’s disk measures 17″ across while its dramatic ring system spans 39″ and tilts 27° to our line of sight.


The Moon reaches apogee, the farthest point in its orbit around Earth, at 7:25 a.m. EDT. It then lies 251,226 miles (404,308 kilometers) from Earth’s center.


Thursday, August 31

The variable star Algol in Perseus reaches minimum brightness at 4:27 a.m. EDT. If you start watching it on the evening of the 30th (it rises in the northeast late in twilight), you can see its brightness diminish by 70 percent over the course of about five hours as its magnitude drops from 2.1 to 3.4. This eclipsing binary star runs through a cycle from minimum to maximum and back every 2.87 days.


The Aurigid meteor shower peaks tonight, with the best views coming when the radiant (which lies in the constellation Auriga) climbs high before dawn. Although this minor shower typically produces only 6 meteors per hour under optimal conditions, it occasionally performs much better. Rates six times higher than normal occurred in 1935, 1986, and 1994, and viewers recorded up to 130 meteors per hour in 2007. No one knows when the shower will burst out again, but the waxing gibbous Moon sets by 2 a.m. local daylight time, providing three hours of dark skies to check it out.


Friday, September 1

Brilliant Venus makes a tempting target all week, but the best views should come before dawn today and tomorrow. Both mornings find the planet 1° south of the magnificent Beehive star cluster (M44) in Cancer. The two make a lovely binocular sight from the time they rise around 4 a.m. local daylight time until twilight begins to wash out the cluster’s stars an hour later. Of course, twilight has little effect on Venus because it shines so brightly, at magnitude –3.9. A telescope reveals the planet’s 12″-diameter disk, which appears a bit more than 80 percent illuminated.


Saturday, September 2

Most people have never seen an object other than the Moon or rarely a comet shift relative to the background stars in real time. But the first week of September offers observers with telescopes a nice chance to see one of these rapid movers in action. Asteroid 3122 Florence — named after nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale — races past Earth this week, peaking at a rate of 9° per day. That works out to 22″, about two-thirds of Jupiter’s current diameter, every minute. The asteroid glows at 9th magnitude on September’s first three evenings and fades to 10th magnitude the following three nights. You can find it moving from Delphinus tonight into Vulpecula tomorrow and Cygnus on the 4th.


Sunday, September 3

If you look overhead as darkness falls anytime this week, your eyes will fall on the brilliant star Vega in the constellation Lyra the Harp. At magnitude 0.0, Vega is the brightest member of the prominent Summer Triangle asterism. The Triangle’s second-brightest star, magnitude 0.8 Altair in Aquila the Eagle, lies some 35° southeast of Vega. The asterism’s dimmest member, magnitude 1.3 Deneb in Cygnus the Swan, stands about 25° east-northeast of Vega. Deneb trails Vega across the sky by about two hours, and passes through the zenith at approximately 11 p.m. local daylight time.


The Astronomy Magazine

Today is Wednesday, August 30


Wednesday is the day of the Teutonic deity known as Wodin or Odin, an aspect of the Allfather, god of knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and combat, the parallel of Hermes, the planet Mercury.

Deity: Woden

Zodiac Sign: Gemini & Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Tree: Ash

Herb: Cinquefoil

Stone: Emerald & Sardonyx

Animal: Raven & Cat

Element: Air

Color: Red & Blue

Number: 6

Rune: Odal(O)


Celtic Tree Month of Coll (Hazel) – August 5 – September 1

Runic Half-Month of Rad (motion) – August 29 – September 12

Goddess of the Month of Hesperia – August 9 – September 5




The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick

The Pagan Book of Days for Wednesday, August 30th

The first day of the month of Thoth, The New Year’s Day of the fixed Greco-Egyptian calendar of Alexandria. It is the old Roman festival of thanksgiving te Charisteria.



The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick

On Wednesday, August 30, We Celebrate the God Mercury

Mercury (/ˈmɜːrkjʊri/; Latin: Mercurius [mɛrˈkʊ.ri.ʊs] About this sound listen (help·info)) is a major Roman god, being one of the Dii Consentes within the ancient Roman pantheon. He is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages/communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld. He was considered the son of Maia and Jupiter in Roman mythology. His name is possibly related to the Latin word merx (“merchandise”; cf. merchant, commerce, etc.), mercari (to trade), and merces (wages); another possible connection is the Proto-Indo-European root merĝ- for “boundary, border” (cf. Old English “mearc”, Old Norse “mark” and Latin “margō”) and Greek οὖρος (by analogy of Arctūrus/Ἀρκτοῦρος), as the “keeper of boundaries,” referring to his role as bridge between the upper and lower worlds.[citation needed] In his earliest forms, he appears to have been related to the Etruscan deity Turms; both gods share characteristics with the Greek god Hermes. He is often depicted holding the caduceus in his left hand. Similar to his Greek equivalent (Hermes) he was awarded the caduceus by Apollo who handed him a magic wand, which later turned into the caduceus.


Mercury did not appear among the numinous di indigetes of early Roman religion. Rather, he subsumed the earlier Dei Lucrii as Roman religion was syncretized with Greek religion during the time of the Roman Republic, starting around the 4th century BC. From the beginning, Mercury had essentially the same aspects as Hermes, wearing winged shoes (talaria) and a winged hat (petasos), and carrying the caduceus, a herald’s staff with two entwined snakes that was Apollo’s gift to Hermes. He was often accompanied by a cockerel, herald of the new day, a ram or goat, symbolizing fertility, and a tortoise, referring to Mercury’s legendary invention of the lyre from a tortoise shell.


Like Hermes, he was also a god of messages, eloquence and of trade, particularly of the grain trade. Mercury was also considered a god of abundance and commercial success, particularly in Gaul, where he was said to have been particularly revered. He was also, like Hermes, the Romans’ psychopomp, leading newly deceased souls to the afterlife. Additionally, Ovid wrote that Mercury carried Morpheus’ dreams from the valley of Somnus to sleeping humans.


Archeological evidence from Pompeii suggests that Mercury was among the most popular of Roman gods. The god of commerce was depicted on two early bronze coins of the Roman Republic, the Sextans and the Semuncia.


When they described the gods of Celtic and Germanic tribes, rather than considering them separate deities, the Romans interpreted them as local manifestations or aspects of their own gods, a cultural trait called the interpretatio Romana. Mercury, in particular, was reported as becoming extremely popular among the nations the Roman Empire conquered; Julius Caesar wrote of Mercury being the most popular god in Britain and Gaul, regarded as the inventor of all the arts. This is probably because, in the Roman syncretism, Mercury was equated with the Celtic god Lugus, and in this aspect was commonly accompanied by the Celtic goddess Rosmerta. Although Lugus may originally have been a deity of light or the sun (though this is disputed), similar to the Roman Apollo, his importance as a god of trade made him more comparable to Mercury, and Apollo was instead equated with the Celtic deity Belenus.


Romans associated Mercury with the Germanic god Wotan, by interpretatio Romana; 1st-century Roman writer Tacitus identifies him as the chief god of the Germanic peoples.


Mercury is known to the Romans as Mercurius and occasionally in earlier writings as Merqurius, Mirqurios or Mircurios, had a number of epithets representing different aspects or roles, or representing syncretisms with non-Roman deities. The most common and significant of these epithets included the following:


Mercurius Artaios, a syncretism of Mercury with the Celtic god Artaios, a deity of bears and hunting who was worshiped at Beaucroissant, France.
Mercurius Arvernus, a syncretism of the Celtic Arvernus with Mercury. Arvernus was worshiped in the Rhineland, possibly as a particular deity of the Arverni tribe, though no dedications to Mercurius Arvernus occur in their territory in the Auvergne region of central France.
Mercurius Cimbrianus, a syncretism of Mercury with a god of the Cimbri sometimes thought to represent Odin.
Mercurius Cissonius, a combination of Mercury with the Celtic god Cissonius, who is written of in the area spanning from Cologne, Germany to Saintes, France.


Mercurius Esibraeus, a syncretism of the Iberian deity Esibraeus with the Roman deity Mercury. Esibraeus is mentioned only in an inscription found at Medelim, Portugal, and is possibly the same deity as Banda Isibraiegus, who is invoked in an inscription from the nearby village of Bemposta.
Mercurius Gebrinius, a syncretism of Mercury with the Celtic or Germanic Gebrinius, known from an inscription on an altar in Bonn, Germany.
Mercurius Moccus, from a Celtic god, Moccus, who was equated with Mercury, known from evidence at Langres, France. The name Moccus (“pig”) implies that this deity was connected to boar-hunting


Mercurius Visucius, a syncretism of the Celtic god Visucius with the Roman god Mercury, attested in an inscription from Stuttgart, Germany. Visucius was worshiped primarily in the frontier area of the empire in Gaul and Germany. Although he was primarily associated with Mercury, Visucius was also sometimes linked to the Roman god Mars, as a dedicatory inscription to “Mars Visucius” and Visucia, Visicius’ female counterpart, was found in Gaul.


In Virgil’s Aeneid, Mercury reminds Aeneas of his mission to found the city of Rome. In Ovid’s Fasti, Mercury is assigned to escort the nymph Larunda to the underworld. Mercury, however, falls in love with Larunda and makes love to her on the way. Larunda thereby becomes mother to two children, referred to as the Lares, invisible household gods.


Mercury’s temple in Rome was situated in the Circus Maximus, between the Aventine and Palatine hills, and was built in 495 BC.


That year saw disturbances at Rome between the patrician senators and the plebeians, which led to a secession of the plebs in the following year. At the completion of its construction, a dispute emerged between the consuls Appius Claudius Sabinus Regillensis and Publius Servilius Priscus Structus as to which of them should have the honour of dedicating the temple. The senate referred the decision to the popular assembly, and also decreed that whichever was chosen should also exercise additional duties, including presiding over the markets, establish a merchants’ guild, and exercising the functions of the pontifex maximus. The people, because of the ongoing public discord, and in order to spite the senate and the consuls, instead awarded the honour of dedicating the temple to the senior military officer of one of the legions named Marcus Laetorius. The senate and the consuls, in particular the conservative Appius, were outraged at this decision, and it inflamed the ongoing situation.


The temple was regarded as a fitting place to worship a swift god of trade and travel, since it was a major center of commerce as well as a racetrack. Since it stood between the plebeian stronghold on the Aventine and the patrician center on the Palatine, it also emphasized the role of Mercury as a mediator.


Because Mercury was not one of the early deities surviving from the Roman Kingdom, he was not assigned a flamen (“priest”), but he did have his own major festival, on 15 May, the Mercuralia. During the Mercuralia, merchants sprinkled water from his sacred well near the Porta Capena on their heads.



Ritual Magick for Wednesday, August 30


Perfumes: Sweetpea, Lavender, Mastic, Frankincense, Cloves

Incense: Cinnamon, Cinquefoil

Color: Yellow or Grey

Influences: Conjurations, Predictions, Knowledge, Writing, Eloquence


A Book of Pagan Rituals
Herman Slater

The Magickal Day of Wednesday

Wednesday is named for Woden himself, although the Romans called it dies Mercurii. This is a day associated with the color purple, the planet Mercury, and the metal quicksilver – which is also called mercury. See a pattern here?


When it comes to deities… yes, Mercury! However, there are a few other gods associated with Wednesday, including Odin and Hermes, Athena, and Lugh. Gemstones like adventurine and agate come in handy as well, as do plants such as aspen trees, lilies, lavender and even ferns.


Business and job-related issues, communication, loss and debt, traveling, and journeys are all tied in to Wednesday. This is a good day to do a working to open up lines of communication – especially if your own actions are preventing you from being an effective speaker or listener. Go someplace new or return to an old favorite stomping ground, step up your game, and settle up your accounts.



Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on ThoughtCo

The Witches Guide to Wednesday

Ruler: Wodin, Mercury

Colors: Orange, light blue, and gray

Power Hours: Sunrise and the 8th, 16th, and 24th hours following

Keywords: Success, creativity, communication

The word Wednesday is reminiscent of the Norse wind god Wodin, which is referenced in the popular rhyme verse “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.” This does not mean that those born on this day are full of sorrow or trouble. To be full of Woden (Wodin) means to be full of wind, to be spirited. Woden was such a powerful pagan god that the German church fathers changed the name of his day to Mittwoch, meaning midweek, in an attempt to exorcise his influence.

In the Spanish word for Wednesday, miercoles, we clearly see its connection to Mercury. Under the guidance of Mercury; Wednesday is a day of swift activity, communication, correspondence, and phone calls. This is a good day for journalists, writers, poets, bargaining, hiring employees, and visiting friends.

On Wednesdays, the hour of sunrise and every eight hours after that are also ruled by Mercury, making these times of the day doubly blessed. These are the strongest four hours for ritual work. Check your local newspaper, astrological calendar, or almanac to determine when sunrise occurs.


Gypsy Magic

Today’s Witchery

Be bold and daring today! Expand your knowledge of the Craft by working with the planetary energies of Mercury on this multifaceted day of the week. Consider the Greco-Roman gods Mercury and Hermes and all of the many lessons they have for you. Embrace change and movement, and work on your communication techniques. Conjure up a little good luck for yourself with that Mercury dime spell. Call on Athena to inspire you to try magickal arts and crafts and to be more creative in your own spellwork and witchery.


Meditate on Odin and see what you can discover about him. I wonder what sort of fabulous and fascinating magickal wisdom you will uncover? Odin is a shaman, after all; he may appear in many guises and faces. I guarantee that he will make you laugh at yourself before he is through with you, but you will learn. It’s up to you what you do with that knowledge. Will you let it shapeshift into wisdom?


Wednesday is the wild and wily day of the week, so try to go with the flow; don’t fight the quirky energies of the day. Most importantly, follow your heart, and always keep a good sense of humor, because of Wednesdays you will really need it.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

The Witches Almanac for Wednesday, August 30th

St. Rose of Lima Day (Pereuvi)

Waxing Moon

Current Moon Phase: Second Quarter

Moon Sign: Sagittarius

Incense: Lavender

Color: Topaz


Today’s Correspondences

Dedicated to the Teutonic god Woden or Odin, an aspect of the “All-Father” god of knowledge wisdom enlightenment and combat, the parallel of Hermes.

Element : Air

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac Sign : Virgo / Gemini

Angel : Raphael

Metal : Mercury

Incense / Perfumes : Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea

Oil: Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalytus, Lavender

Color : Red, Orange, Light Blue

Stones : Bloodstone,Garnet, Aventurine, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite

Plants/Herbs : Almond, Anise, Cherry, Clover, Dandelion, Dill, Fern, Hazel, Hyssop, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lilac, Mace, Peppermint, Rosemary, Vervain

Magick to Work: the conscious mind, study, travel, divination, consulting oracles, wisdom, communication ,cleverness, contracts, creativity, information, intellect, memory, perception, science, wisdom, writing

Wednesday Is Ruled By Mercury

Wednesdays are wild and wacky days. They are for communication, change, cunning, and the arts. This is a Mercury day, and just its patron god this day is full of contradictions, change, and excitement. Some suggestions for Wednesday enchantments would include:

Pulling a little Wednesday color magic into your life by wearing purples or orange

Carrying a multipurpose agate with you and tapping into its various charms

Working with magical plants such as the fern for protection. This plant will also boost the power of any other magical plants with which it is arranged.

Incorporating lavender into charms and spells for transformation

Using the charming scent of lily of the valley to improve your memory, or working with the aspen tree for communication

Calling on Athena, patron of arts and crafts, for inspiration for a new project

Fanning out a Tarot spell to increase you creativity

Calling on Hermes on a Wednesday night to bring movement and good luck into your life


Mercury’s Energy


*Notes: perform on a Wednesday and/or during the waxing Moon with the Full Moon being strongest. An orange or violet candle is associated with any magick cast on this day.

Day: Wednesday

Color: Orange, violet, multicolored, pale yellow

Metal: Quicksilver, alloys.

Stones: Carnelian, fire opal, agate

Plants: Anise, caraway , cassia, club mosss, dittany of Crete, lavender, licorice, parsley, sandalwood, storax

Rules: Gemini, Virgo

Oils: Lavender, lemon, lily of valley, nutmeg, sandalwood, styrax, vervain

Rituals Involving: Intellect, memory, science, creativity, business, magickal conjuration, divination, prediction, eloquence, gift of tongues, speed, speech, writing, poetry, inspiration, improvement of mind power, healing of nervous disorders.

Physical Chant for Mercury:

Magick, the Arts, success on my trade,
Business wisdom and divination,
These gifts I would gain for my physical growth
And to help in my conjurations.



Dancing with Dragons, Invoking Their Ageless Wisdom and Power
D. J. Conway, Author


Let’s Talk Witch – Points of Ritual Etiquette


Rituals are religious rites and should be regarded with respect. When performing rituals in the company of others, be early. In covens you may be expected to wear ritual attire and perhaps to participate in preparation of the ritual space.

Some covens work Sky Clad, others wear robes of a particular color. If you are guest at a coven meeting holding an open ritual, a black robe is generally acceptable. Typically shoes are not worn, although this is optional for outside rituals. Wear jewelry that you only put on for rituals, and make sure you do not have a ticking watch.

Turn off your cell phone and silence any alarms on your watch or other device that you may routinely carry. Be respectful and polite of the other people in the circle and remain focused on the ritual.

If there is someone in the coven with whom you have had a disagreement, or with whom you just don’t get along, don’t take those negative energies into the circle.

If you are in the circle and feel a need to leave for whatever reason, ask the High Priestess or Priest to cut a door in the circle. Simply passing through the circle will dissipate it.

This is not true for animals, however. If you are a solitaire with a dog or cat, your animal companion can move in and out of the circle at will. Their energy is pure, and they come to the circle from a place of perfect trust and love. You may need to gently exclude younger or rowdier pets, but many animals seem to be psychically drawn to ritual work.

Cutting a door is done by facing the Northeast and holding the point of the athame downward near the ground. Use the tip to pierce the energy wall and draw an archway (moving counter clockwise) large enough to pass through. When you remove the athame, you are free to walk out. Once outside, close the door by putting the athame at the lower North Estern point and tracing the perimeter clockwise.


If the High Priestess or High Priest will not open a door for you and you feel you must leave the circle, thank the Goddess and God, and cut the door yourself.


Wicca. The Practitioner’s Introductory Guide: Symbols, herbs, history, spells, shops, supplies, clothing, courses, altar, ritual, and much more all covered!
Riley Star

The Witches Magick for Wednesday, August 30 – Protection Bottle Spell

Items that you will need in order to perform this spell:

1 bottle with cork
1 cup salt
3 cloves garlic
9 bay leaves
7 tbsp. dried basil
4 tbsp. dill seeds
1 tbsp. sage
1 tbsp. anise
1 tbsp. black pepper
1 tbsp. fennel


Time: Morning of a sunny day

Ritual: Place the salt in a bowl and say the following:

“Salt that protects, protect my home and all within it.”

Add the rest of the ingredients, one by one saying the same words. Mix the ingredients together with your hands, lending energy. Visualize your home as a shining, safe, secure place of sanctuary.

Put the mixture in the jar. Seal and say the following:

“Salt and herbs, 9 times 9 Guard now this home of mine.”

Keep the jar in a safe place.



The Modern Day Spellbook: A Collection of Spells for the Modern Day Witch
R. Marten



(Stayed Tuned……Divination Up Next!)


Good Wednesday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

Good Wednesday, my dear brothers & sisters of The Craft. It has been a while since we last talked. What I have to discuss with you this morning is not a pleasant subject and I am sure you have already seen it on the News. I am referring to the devastating flood in Texas and the surrounding areas. The situation there breaks my heart and every time I see a child being carried across flood waters or a lady talking about everything she had lost, I cry. I cannot begin to understand or even feel what that might be like. All I can think is those poor, poor, people. I pray the Goddess to watch over them and give them strength to go on. Truthfully, when you are homeless, no clothes, no food and had to walk off and leave everything you own  how the words, “it will get better” can be of comfort. I can feel their confusion and their lost. I can also feel those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. My heart truly breaks for them, it is a very horrible experience what these brave people are facing right now.


As you know, we are located in Kentucky. We have the remnants of the storm coming our way. It won’t be like anything the people in Texas faced. It will, however, be a very stark reminder of what can occur and what does occur and most of all we are powerless to stop it. If I had my way, we would be in Texas helping out in anyway possible. But that is not likely going to happen. I figure we would be more in the way than help. I know personally, we have many brothers & sisters in that area. Since we can’t go there in personal, we would like to make an offer to help them rebuild when the time comes. It might not seem like much, unfortunately, it is the best we can do. For all our brothers & sisters who lost everything in the flood, remember on thing, we want to help you rebuild your altars, your statues, any item of faith you might have lost. We are offering you a 50% off in our store. I wish I could just freely give everything you need but we have to pay for the merchandise ourselves before we can pass it on to you.


I hope you will remember our offer when it comes time to rebuild. All we require is a physical address that can be goggled and turns up in the flooded areas and you get the 50% discount. I wish we could do more but perhaps in some small way this will remind you that our Goddess loves you and so do we.

You are in our hearts and prayers, Texas,

Stay strong,

You are not alone, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers,

We love you

Lady Abyss & The WOTC Staff