Don’t Forget, Candle Special, Buy One, Get One Free till August 1st

Oops! She Did It Again! Our Sales Rep ordered this new and wonderful line of candles to just hit the market, Lailokens Awen purpose candles. These are gorgeous candles and as stated they do serve a purpose, everything from healing to prosperity. The only problem, she ordered too many! From now until August 1, buy one candle at regular price, get another one free. What a deal? New, beautiful, lasts for hours and most of all will meet any of your magickal needs for rituals or spells. Check’em out!


Available Only At…..

A little more about these magickal candles…..



Using only pure, Canadian Beeswax, and the best in organic essential oils, each Lailokens Awen Spell Candle is painstakingly crafted by hand, using Hermetic principals and the appropriate astrological influences. Because they are hand-rolled creations, no two candles are exactly alike, giving your altar the perfect organic look, while giving your spells a powerful boost of energy. Approximate burn time is 4 hours, Made in Canada.

Our deal to you…..


This is not really a monthly promo, it is Mystie (my assistant) feel in love with these spell candles and we now have spell candles everywhere you look. So we are offering you a fantastic deal on this top of the line candles. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Lailokens Awen Spell Candles are not but they are the best on the market. They are hard to find, have been concentrated and blessed for any purpose you might need them for. As a valued customer of Magickal Necessities, we are offering a special deal just for you….buy one at the regular price and get the second free. Yes, you heard right, the second candle is free. We learned from our incense give-away and due to that fact, there are three candles that you can chose from for your free one….

(1)Clearing Candle

(2)Purification Candle

(3)Meditation Candle

We are limiting this offer, one to a customer and each of these candles will be marked “free.” You won’t have any problem checking out. We do hope you take advantage of these terrific candles, we just got lucky and was able to provide them for you.

Again, this is our way of saying “thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to meeting all your magickal needs.



“Remember For All Your Magickal Needs, think Magickal Necessities!”