Too hot to get out and go shopping, give us a look

Wheel of the Year plaque




Cat and Pentagram Wall



3 thoughts on “Too hot to get out and go shopping, give us a look

  1. I live the wall plaque!

    Thank you for getting my order to me very fast. The Goddess pentagram I found in the store I have been looking for, for 9 years. I had one but list it and looked for it everywhere I could think of. You really can find things for your customers that others places cannot or will not take the time to find.


    1. We try to ship within 2 – 3 days after your order. Did you like the pendant? Was the quality what you were expecting? I can’t help it, I always want to know these things. I am sorry for not answering your previous comment. I just haven’t been in that great of mood recently. I have been trying to avoid the people I like. Because the mood I am in, they probably wouldn’t ever want to talk to me again. I guess I am coming to terms that I have been a damn idiot all these years. It is something to believe people really care then when something major happens like my recent hospital stay, they don’t give a damn. They let me out of the hospital early because I didn’t have any insurance nor anyway of paying for it. I was told by the hospital they would have my little cabin evaluated and they might put a lien on it and try to sell it. Now what’s the point of getting well, if you are going to sleep on the streets? I put the business building over into Lord M’s name but our lawyers told me, if the hospital found out I done it after my bill, they could come after the building also. And do you think anyone here gives a damn? I can answer that real quick NO! We opened up the store to make revenue just to keep this place going. Do you think we have any members from here buying? NO, they are coming from Pinterest and Twitter. So now, I am wondering what the hell is the point even messing with this site anymore. And I hope every nosy person on this site read this. I am sorry I didn’t mean to go off on you but I have just been wanting to make a post and tell everyone how I felt and how much I appreciated them. None of this applies to you, I swear. You are a dear, sweet friend and I would never, ever want to do anything to lose you. I just know people tend to read the comments I tend to write so that is the main purpose of this one.

      Back to the merchandise, I would like to know how you like it and if it was what you expected. I like to keep taps on our wholesaler to make sure their quality of merchandise hasn’t dropped. So drop me a line and let me know.
      Love ya,
      Lady A


      1. This is my first time to the site I like what I have seen so far I don’t know why I came to this site I use to dabble years ago I’m sorry that you are going through a lot I’m going through a divorce and it has been the worst thing in my life but things happen and we don’t know why I think things happen to make us a stronger person anyways I really liked a lot of the things I have looked at but as far as your business goes sell it to someone you trust with your life that is not gonna fuck you over and there is really nothing to do and to be honest nobody ever pays medical bills may fuck your credit up but that can not take from you


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