Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, July 8th

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Get A Jump On Tomorrow……

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, July 8th



Aries Horoscope

You’re primarily focused on your career or duties and obligations today, dear Aries. You’re more results-oriented and interested in reaching your goals. You can have many distractions related to your social life or a particular partnership, but if you can manage some solitude, you can be quite productive. A Mars-Saturn quincunx suggests some stops and starts as the day advances. Mars in your home sector these days indicates a lot of activity with family, in your home, or inside of you — your inner or domestic world can be busy. Outside responsibilities, paperwork, or the desire to learn something useful can clash with this now, and it may be hard to see that you can do both by striking a compromise. Try to focus on making adjustments and edits today, if possible. You may not be able to get what you want to do done, so try to adjust your expectations. The day is less than ideal for confident decision making or for pushing a plan forward.


Taurus HoroscopeThis is a better day for sticking to what you know and getting your work done than pushing your agenda, dear Taurus. It’s wise to follow the rules just for now, as we can be a little off in our judgment. A Mars-Saturn aspect influencing the day tends to cut the spontaneity and can lead to second-guessing or thinking too hard before making a move. This is not an ideal time for important interviews or launches so that if there is some uncertainty, it’s probably better to wait for another day. Well-considered moves can be fine. Relationship challenges can interfere with productivity, or there can be problems gaining understanding. Inflexibility is not always a good thing, but it may be wise to avoid making significant changes now anyhow. If you’re feeling hesitant about a project or presentation/idea, take a little more time to get things right.



You can be in your own world today more often than not, dear Gemini, with the Moon in your intimacy sector all day. Mars forms a quincunx with Saturn today, making it wiser to make adjustments than push a plan forward, particularly related to money. You may become aware of a discrepancy or misjudgment of the time or resources you needed to complete a task. Flaws in plans may emerge. For some, there can be a strong desire to make a purchase or launch a project or venture, but disapproval or unforeseen restrictions throw a wrench in your plans. The more you force a matter, the more resistance you encounter right now! Decision making is difficult today, but it may very well be for your own good or a blessing in disguise. Something needs an adjustment now.


CancerWith Mars in your sign in challenging aspect to Saturn, you may face some obstacles getting where you want to go today, dear Cancer. For some of you, you may be giving off a self-protective or defensive vibe, and this can impact your interactions. For others, people around you can be self-conscious or inflexible and not very quick to support your efforts. For many, you may feel guilty for whatever you do manage to do, or there can be starts and stops as you jump into action and then second-guess your choices. Try not to waste time on anger and frustration today. Also, watch for expressing impatience where this can do damage. Focus on positive outcomes but be patient as there can be some hurdles to clear before getting there.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Tasks that require spontaneity or direct action may not fare well today, dear Leo, despite your strong need to take care of business. Fortunately, with the Moon spending the day in your work and health sector, doing editing work or making adjustments comes more naturally now than on most days, and these are precisely the type of activities that the day favors. It doesn’t mean you’re completely immune to the frustrations that can result from a Mars-Saturn quincunx influence active today, but keeping your head down doing what you do best can certainly help! Keep in mind that with Mars in your privacy sector these days, buried anger can emerge quite unexpectedly, and today, you could feel blocked or disapproved of if you express your desires out of turn. You may decide to wait until you’ve made more sense of them before sharing.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeThe Moon’s transit of your creative and romantic sector all day points to an unusual ability to pull yourself above the daily grind and have a little fun, dear Virgo. Even so, a Mars-Saturn aspect influencing the day can pull you down at times, although with patience, you can get around this. Knowing that pushing something that just isn’t ready to budge will only meet with resistance is one way of making the best of the day’s energies. Virgos, as a Mutable sign, are known for their abilities to adapt, adjust, and edit, and they’re very good at these things! Knowing when to focus on the details rather than the end goal is useful now. Some plans or projects may need reworking or review. Still, you may be feeling ready to take on the world one minute, and cautious the next, but if you aim not to let this get your down, you may welcome a break from pushing ahead.



The Moon spends the day at the bottom of your chart, dear Libra, and you may need to fill the well, so to speak, by concentrating on filling emotional needs, mainly for comfort, nurture, and support. With a Mars-Saturn aspect influencing the day, you may swing from feeling gung-ho about going after what you want or ready to take a risk to a much more cautious approach, and it can be difficult finding a middle ground. Or, you might begin a course of action with enthusiasm but then second-guess yourself. You could be feeling a small setback when it comes to work or a project, as you become aware of a delay or the need to put more energy into it than you had estimated. If possible, reflect and make edits rather than pushing ahead now.


Scorpio Horoscope

While the Moon spending the day in your communications sector can motivate you to take on many tasks, dear Scorpio. However, with a Mars-Saturn influence active today, it may be best to take things easy and avoid starting all-new projects or initiatives. Overthinking things may be the order of the day, but can be frustrating, too, if you aren’t getting anywhere. You may be wrestling with whether to pursue your desires or to keep things practical. Avoid making substantial commitments and decisions, particularly related to travel, education, publishing, or legal matters. For some of you, dealing with financial realities or fear of change can be in focus now, as much as you have your sights on something new and exotic. Don’t push too hard now if you’re sensing resistance — let things unfold naturally.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Your practical affairs or comfort levels are in high focus today, dear Sagittarius. You seek out a little more predictability in your life just for now. You are spontaneous by nature, but you sometimes need a small break from this impromptu approach to the world. A Mars-Saturn influence active today may take this energy a little too far, however! It’s a restrictive energy that helps us slow down to catch our errors, but doesn’t always feel good in the thick of things. Others may seem a little pushy or undisciplined now, and you prefer to keep things straightforward and responsible. Alternatively, each time you express a desire or take a course of action, you seem to meet an obstacle, or you’re misunderstood. Do your best to map out your next move rather than react too quickly to limitations.


Capricorn Horoscope

The Moon spends the day in your sign, dear Capricorn, and your needs and wants are in the forefront. While emotions may frequently overpower your reason today, in moderation, this may be exactly what you need. It can be a time for considering those feelings you often brush off as you take care of other matters. However, an impending Mars-Saturn aspect today can point to some stops and starts. Focusing on past mistakes or missed opportunities is a tendency today, or guilt might plague you after choosing a course of action. Obstacles faced now may be viewed as stepping stones in your growth process, however frustrating as they may be at the moment! Rhythms and patterns in relationships may be off, and signals are mixed. Try not to take this as a sign of something bigger than it is. With a challenging Saturn today, the best strategy is to work hard at what needs doing and draw upon patience. The edits you make now can save you later!



The need to withdraw or take some time out to catch your breath is strong today, dear Aquarius, with the Moon in your privacy sector all day. With a Mars-Saturn influence today, taking a break from pushing plans forward is an especially good idea. It can be difficult seeing around an obstacle now. Mars in your work and health sector tends to pump you up for getting things done, but there can be hurdles to clear before you get to do what you want today. As a result, non-competitive and undemanding activities are better for you right now. You may be feeling just a little out of step — as if you can’t quite express yourself with confidence or smoothness. Make adjustments and refinements rather than concrete decisions now for best results. Wait for a better climate to pursue those things most dear to your heart, and take more care than usual with contracts, health, and work matters.



While the Moon spends the day in your social sector, encouraging peaceful relations and positive exchanges, dear Pisces, there can be some emotional see-sawing today. If you’re feeling some inner chaos, it’s probably better not to take on too much in the outside world. Take your time coming to conclusions, as today’s energies tend to confound or frustrate more than empower you. However, the adjustments you make now can lead to a stronger position, ultimately. It’s patience that serves you best now, as obstacles or restrictions, likely related to your responsibilities, career, or superiors, can present themselves and seemingly slow you down. Arguments entered into today tend to reach stalemates or leave very little room for growth. Your pursuit of pleasure or romance may be temporarily blocked. Sticking with what you do well can be helpful now.