Full Disclosure for Friday, July 7th

Instead of saying, “Full Disclosure,” I ought to say, “We are a bunch of idiots who don’t know how to use our own accounts, let alone get into them!” We tried yesterday to no avail to get into our accounts and here we are, using Lady A’s account again. I did talk to her about it yesterday, which I really hated to do because she wasn’t feeling that great. Anyway, she has an idea why our accounts are messed up. She also told me what I did was fine yesterday and if we couldn’t get into our accounts, use her’s. I told her that we were putting in the corners who posted what and she liked that idea. She said when she gets back she will straighten it out with WordPress. She believes it is because we opened our store on another hosting site. Who knows? i hate using her account because I don’t want to confuse anyone but we don’t have any other choice right now.


Again, today, we will be putting who posted what up in the right hand corner to avoid confusion. I am sorry about this but I don’t know what else to do at the moment. I hope you enjoy today’s posts and try to have a great Friday, lol!