Before We Start, Full Disclosure…..

My brother tried yesterday to use his own account and he couldn’t. His account kept freezing up, trying to repost and just eating the posts. I tried my account last night and the same thing happened to me. I do not know what WordPress has done to the additional accounts to this site but they are now a mess. Due to this fact and to keep the WOTC going, we are going to be using Lady of the Abyss’ account. To avoid confusion, we are going to state on the post who the post is by. Just look up in the right hand corner of each post and you will see who posted it. This is the only way we know how to solve this problem. We are going to contact WordPress and see if they can assist us. Until that time, we will be using Lady A’s account. We just didn’t want you to think she was out of the hospital and back at work. She is still in the hospital, doing better I must say. We informed her of this situation and she gave us permission to use her account. Now let’s see how this goes.


Please remember we still have the fund drive going on to help with Lady A’s medical expenses. If you would like to donate a dollar or two, that would be great. We also have the grand opening of Magickal Necessities this weekend. We did receive some more of those beautiful candles with the necklaces and charms around them, along with a line of Washes. The candles and the washes will fly out the door. If you are interested in either, you might want to check them out now before the grand opening.


Have a very blessed day,




Would you like to donate to Lady A’s “Get Well Quick” Fund? Basically a fund to get Lady A back here quicker so we can stop looking so damn stupid. All donations are great appreciated. Thank you!





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