Happy Fourth of July To All The Members of the WOTC!

Happy Fourth of July to all the members of the WOTC & to those visiting us today!


We were planning on getting back on track today but we ran into a huge problem. WordPress doesn’t seem to recognize any other accounts besides Lady of the Abyss’. We have to sign up and re-open our accounts. No wonder Mystie couldn’t get her account to work. I was the last one to open an account and I assumed I wouldn’t have a problem. You know what they say about when you assume something. That old saying turned out to be very true this morning.

This does delay our plans on having the WOTC back on the internet today but it is beyond our control. We are all making new accounts and will be back tomorrow. None of us feel right using Lady of the Abyss’ account even though she said we could. It was in character with Lady Abyss to say we could use her account but it will only be confusing for you. Out of respect for you and Lady Abyss, we will be creating those new accounts today.

Up-date on Lady A: She is currently not doing well at all. She had to be taken back to surgery due to a bleeder. The doctors explained something during her first surgery had been scrapped and slowly leaking blood ever since. She finally lost enough blood that her blood pressure bottomed out and that is when these so-called doctors figured out what was wrong. I know her family kept telling the doctors she looked paler than usual. No response from the doctors. No color in her nails, no response. Finally when she broke down shaking, the doctors paid attention. I do not know what has happened to our medical system besides we don’t have one these days. Lady A is currently back in the ICU for a few days. We have had several requests for the number to her room so people could wish her well. The ICU does not have phones. When she is moved back out on the floor, we will discuss this with Lady A. If she wishes for it to given out, then we will. If she doesn’t, we will respect her wishes. Personally, I don’t think it is a good idea, she needs her rest. We will wait and see on that one.

Don’t forget about the fund raiser coming up this weekend for Lady A and her medical expenses. We have already received our first order and have processed it. Just a reminder, you don’t have to wait till this weekend to purchase items. After you see this new store, you will see why Lady A decided to break with Etsy. This new website carries everything that we wanted to originally carry but Etsy said no. Etsy had given us a retail account and then when the merchandise was put on there, they changed their minds. We could not sell this, nor could we sell that. Since they could not comply with our original agreement, Lady A broke with them and found another platform to sell on. You have a moment today, check out the new “Magickal Necessities.”

I believe that covers everything you might want to know. We are going to make our new accounts and we will be back tomorrow. We apologize for not being back today but the unexpected happened.

Happy Fourth of July!

Lord of the Myst & The WOTC Staff