Your love horoscope for the weekend of June 23-25

This Weekend’s Love Horoscope: Snuggled up

Your love horoscope for the weekend of June 23-25


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A tender New Moon in Cancer on Friday might prompt you and your sweetheart to do more nesting and less partying. For this weekend at least, you may entertain at home, or simply spend more time together all cozied up on the couch. However, don’t think this will be a boring option. It will be far from it!

Early Saturday morning, Venus will trine Pluto, giving off romantic vibes that have depth, meaning, and staying power. You might not make it off that couch all weekend, but it won’t be out of laziness!


This Weekend’s Romantic Rating*

* Heart ratings are based on the lunar cycle. They range from low to full, with low indicating a rocky weekend for romance and full indicating plenty of passionate potential.


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