Moon Diary: New Moon at 2 degrees of Cancer, 23rd – 24th June, 2017

Moon Diary: New Moon at 2 degrees of Cancer, 23rd – 24th June, 2017

Midsummer Night’s Magic by Jane Lyle


June’s new Moon in Cancer rises on Midsummer’s Eve (23rd), or Midsummer Day (24th), depending on your time zone. It’s traditionally a time for divination, magic, and celebrating the elements – particularly fire and water.

This new Moon is also a supermoon, meaning that the Moon is at its closest to us here on Earth during its monthly cycle. We tend to think of supermoons as full moons – huge, glowing discs. However, new Moons can be supermoons too, and carry the same boost of magnetic lunar power as the full Moon variety. Basically, this increases the potential for storms, earthquakes, high tides and eruptions – and their human, emotional equivalent.

So this is a traditional, magical season, and we’ve got a potent new Moon in her own sign, Cancer the Crab.

A Cancer new Moon is always sensitive, watery, emotional and intuitive. This one is very communicative too, thanks to an alignment with Mercury in Cancer. Although Cancer tends to be self-protective, it’s an opportunity to talk, write, or even sing in the shower about our feelings during the month ahead. Younger family members, children, or close friends could be very much in focus during these weeks as well.

Everything to do with home, ancestry, good food, and protecting ourselves, and others, resonates with a new Moon in Cancer. This would be a favourable month for entertaining friends and family, or finding out more about family history. One way or another, the impulse to make our lives feel more secure, rooted, and meaningful is strong.

Mars is travelling along in the sign of Cancer, and although it does not align with the new Moon, it is most certainly influencing the atmosphere as it links up with Neptune in fishy Pisces. Currently, mysterious, deceptive or glamorous actions can result in confusing tensions. These can bring conflict, or herald a healing crisis. There’s a fight in it, either way.

Both Mars and Mercury in Cancer are approaching a stand-off with Pluto in Capricorn. Between now and the dramatic full Moon in Capricorn on 9th July we’re in another very tricky, tense, and potentially chaotic phase.

Mars and Pluto together signify events concerning soldiers, spies, hidden or secret actions, and the power of destruction that leads, eventually, to rebirth and regeneration. We see that fighting pollution and corruption is more important than ever.

This can be a time of increased anger and aggression, which will be reflected in our world news. Some of this news is likely to centre on Russia, and a number of the former Soviet states such as Ukraine, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Croatia. Germany, UK, and the Vatican City could also be in the headlines.

Our new Moon self-protective instincts are spot on this month. So enjoy the bewitching qualities of this new Moon, look after yourself and others –  and please do take care out there.



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