The Witches Magick for Tuesday, June 6th – Charm & Philter for Courage

The Witches Magick for Tuesday, June 6th – Charm & Philter for Courage


Items You Will Need:

Jewelry Items

Musk or Cedar Oil


Obtain a piece of jewelry. Any sort will do as long as it is something that you like enough to wear frequently. Rub a bit of oil into the piece and chant:


“I imbue you with courage, and bravery, and nerve.
I empower you with self-confidence, so you may serve
My needs when anxieties attempt to emerge
Eradicate them; let new confidence surge.”

Wear the jewelry as needed.


—Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan



Philter Recipe for Courage

You Will Need:
One small decorative glass bottle, red if you can find it

Base oil, approximately Vs cup (sunflower or almond oil)

Clean dropper

3 drops ginger oil

z drops basil oil or 2 fresh basil leaves

i drop black pepper oil

i small fresh holly leaf

Small red jasper chip

6 inches thin red or black satin ribbon

1 small metal protective charm or talisman of your choosing (such as a tiny pentagram, a star, or even the Eye of Horus)

A label and a pen (to list the ingredients and to decorate and mark the bottle)


Pour the base oil into the bottle, enough to fill it three quarters of the way full. Add the essential oils one at a time. Next, add the crystal and the holly leaf. If you used basil leaves instead of oil, add those now. Close up the bottle with the lid, place your fingers over the lid, and carefully shake up the mixture. Hold up the mixture to the sunlight, and allow the light of Tuesday’s sun to illuminate the philter within.


Wipe off the outside of the bottle. Use the label to list the ingredients and the use of this potion. Decorate the bottle by drawing protective symbols on the label or whatever ever else you think would add to the magick. Attach the label to the glass bottle and finish up by threading the metal charm onto the ribbon and then tying the red or black ribbon around the neck of the bottle.


As you finish tying on the bow, hold the bottle in your hands and concentrate on the visualization that your aura is pulsing a deep red, filled with vitality, courage and protection. See it in your mind’s eye and feel it all over your body. Now send all that energy straight into the bottle you hold in your hands. Take a deep breath, hold it for three counts, and then blow it out slowly. Now, repeat the charm below:


Basil, holly, and ginger are associated with Mars
Tap into a warrior’s energy and you will go far
Red and black are the Martian hues of power
My spell begins in this enchanted hour
This Tuesday philter will add valor galore
I am courageous and strong forever more!


Set aside the bottle, and ground and center yourself. Clean up the supplies, then go for a quick walk and firmly reconnect yourself back to the earthly plane. Make sure to store the philter in a dark, dry place and out of the reach of young children.


—Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

Crystal Forecast & Predictions for June 2017

What do the CRYSTALS and COLORS want to share with you for June? Intuitively select either CRYSTAL 1, 2, or 3, for a message. The first crystal flavors everyones month, when prompted select and move to your crystal number for a personal intuitive message. PLUS intuitively move to a point in the video where you may receive an additional message.

⇾ If you picked 1 – 5:02
⇾ If you picked 2 – 8:01
⇾ If you picked 3 – 12:52

Tips to Thrive in June

Tips to Thrive in June

With several months of chaos and craziness behind us in 2017, it’s helpful to look forward with new eyes and a new resolve based on hope for a better world. In this article I’ll outline context for energy shifts and provide some tips for thriving in June. Yes, you can thrive in the face of uncertainty and daily doses of negativity out-pictured in our world.

As I mention in my “2017 Predictions,” hope is essential to move forward. We must strive to connect with hope, regardless of how dire our world appears. We must remember that there is goodness in humanity and love at the core of all beings.

Context for Energy Shifts

In June we will experience a combination of (1) tricky planetary transits likely to stir emotions and (2) helpful alignments for making progress with creative projects and mending fences in troubled relationships. On some days you may feel the effect of both – emotions (yours or other people’s) more on the surface and your finding you have the energy to create positive changes.

Enhance your success potential by being present and mindful. You will thrive by noticing changes in energy or circumstance, and responding with divine timing. Sometimes the window for timely action is minutes, or even seconds.

Example: you are at a conference and meet someone indirectly connected to your field of interests. You may have only a moment to exchange information before going your separate ways. Trust your intuition. If you get a strong nudge to connect with someone, act on it. You don’t need to have the details of “why” in the moment – just do it.

Most likely you are already sensitive in nature. The energies and events of these times can be quite challenging for sensitives. Keep in mind, though, that you have inner strength and other resources for coping – more than many people around you can access. Remember this in those moments when you feel pushed to the edge. Apply what you know and make an effort to tap your vast inner strength. The more that you do that, in fact, the stronger you become.

As June begins, polarity and division energies continue to catalyze an underlying sense of tension and stress in society. Do your best to be aware of these undercurrents but keep your perspective big picture. With a higher view, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and more likely to be a calm and conscious voice for constructive changes. This is part of your role, after all, as a divine changemaker.

Energy Dates to Watch

June 9 is a Sagittarius Full Moon. The energies of this Moon can help bring more truths to light and catalyze breakthroughs. A project in development could receive a nice push forward under this influence. Tip: make and energize intentions for your goals at this time.

June 20 is Solstice. This is a change of seasons, but more than that, it’s a powerful energy gateway. The potency of this gateway continues to unfold throughout the week and into the weekend of June 24-25. Tip: use the time period June 20-25 to do inner work, reflection on your next steps, and energizing of your heart-felt dreams.

June 23-24 is a Cancer New Moon. Happening soon after Solstice, this New Moon is a significant moment for catalyzing new starts, updating approaches, and finding new partners. Tip: meditate on what you want to manifest, getting clear about specifics and the connections between things. Be open to the new.

Set Your Own Thrive Bar

June can be a month of opportunities to express your light. Decide now that you will be present and looking forward, rather than looking backwards.

This means that you begin anew daily. See yourself and your life path in a fresh way. Let go of how last month was, or what you have accomplished (or not accomplished) so far this year.

Recognize that you alone determine what it means and how it feels to thrive. Set your own thrive bar. Don’t let the world tell you what it is.

Don’t let others, through comparison, make you feel small or not enough. Simply be your best self each day, one idea and one action at a time. Trust that you are enough even before you make the first step, and take that feeling of confidence into your next steps.

When the state of the world gets you down, remember that love will win as we humans are wired to love.

Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 2017

Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 2017

Message for June 2017

Sitting under the shade of the giant Horse Chestnut Tree, it was easy to get lost in the majesty of the moment and listen to the wind whispering with the leaves, watching the dappled sunlight dancing all around me and feeling the silent power of the earth and quiet dignity of the tree flowing through me. I felt interconnected and alive. Every cell within me tingled and every sound, sight and sense was enlivened and refreshed as though I was experiencing this for the first time. Of course, in many ways, I was experiencing this for the first time as every moment’s unique.

Although fleeting, these are precious opportunities to feel wholeheartedly present and alive, yet it’s so hard to keep hold of this as we step back into the everyday humdrum of life. Life can be unquestionably difficult, challenging, overwhelming and confusing at times, and when we find ourselves in such situations, it can be hard to notice the majesty of the moment as we’re simply too busy trying to do the best we can. Even though we may not notice the magic, it doesn’t mean it stops happening, does it?

Does a tree falling in a forest make a sound or do we create that sound because we are perceiving the moment? Similarly, does the tree only emanate quiet dignity when we feel it or is it always that way? Is it our perception that creates our experiences or do they happen anyway but we just fail to notice? Yet, diving deeply into philosophy doesn’t really help us make sense of the whizz-bang rush of ‘stuff’ we often find ourselves dealing with. Whilst it’s only human to try to make sense of why things are the way they are, there is a time and a place to take a deep breath and step more consciously into the here and now. It’s only when we do this that we become aware of moments of quiet magical majesty and suddenly the answers to the questions we seek no longer seem relevant as we’ve stopped asking the questions.

Of course, there is no clear-cut, easy route through life and we have to take it day by day, doing the best we can. We may want answers and clarity, but whenever we feel we have these, life has a habit of throwing up a curve-ball to remind us that we don’t. So, is battling on, trying to achieve this really the answer, or should we accept the moment in order to allow ourselves to breathe more deeply into the magic and majesty around and within us? Acceptance isn’t giving up, nor is it giving in, it’s a willingness to be fully awake, eyes wide open, and to love life anyway. Life has up’s and it has plenty of down’s, but they’re constants, we cannot eradicate them, so maybe the key to happiness comes not from trying to control the currents or seek out all the answers, but to accept there’s bliss to be found in the uncertainty and from the not knowing. After all, if we knew everything, we’d have nowhere to evolve to and there really wouldn’t be any fun in being know-it-all’s…

With love,



As an air of restlessness continues to create whispers deep within your heart and soul, there is a growing sense of awareness of a changing tide on the near horizon. Whilst you have not actively or consciously been seeking a specific change in the currents of your life, intuitively you have been expecting it as those whispers have been growing louder and more audible over recent weeks and months. June looks set to be a month of creative reflection and deep listening as you allow those whispers to take shape and form, breathing life into them as they take on your fiery effervescence and sparkling courage. Of course, listening to your deeper self is often the easiest part, as acting on those whispers and thoughts can be much harder as they involve looking at both yourself and your life in a completely different way.

You have never been one for turning away from a challenge, and this has seen you achieve a great deal in your life. However, your determination sometimes strays into the realms of stubbornness and you can find yourself pushing on even when intuitively you know it would be better to walk around or away. It’s never easy to know what to do in any given situation: push, resist, walk away or find another path as, on the surface, there are rarely any clear-cut answers. Yet, when you look beyond expectations, drive and beliefs, the answer is usually quite obvious: you just have to open up your eyes and be willing to see the truth. This is a time to trust your phenomenal intuition in order to step into the next chapter of your life with a sense of intuitive know-how to navigate the ebbs and flows with confidence, courage and intuitive wisdom…


June looks set to be a month of continued stillness reaching out far and wide into every corner and crevice of your being. On the surface, it may be hard to sense the stillness as your life feels a little chaotic and tumultuous, but, if you pause, even briefly, you will sense the stillness rising up from deep within you. Stillness isn’t necessarily silence, nor is it quietness or tranquillity, the essence of stillness is more a state of being where you feel centred and in equilibrium even in the midst of the busy-ness of your everyday life. You may wonder how on earth such a state can be achieved, particularly given your current circumstances, but there is little to do here other than opening up your consciousness to the concept and allowing it to breathe and flourish. At your core, you are a courageous, steadfast and unfaltering soul, even in the face of adversity, you stand strong and resolute; little rocks you off centre when you connect to your inner power and allow the essence of stillness to flow freely.

Of course, this is somewhat easier said than done, as there are times when life feels like an uphill struggle and you feel overwhelmed and overawed, but, once again, when you take a deep breath, the stillness is always with you, offering a steady hand of support and inspiring you to believe in yourself and your gifts. Life, by its very nature, is inherently unknowable, and whilst this frequently frustrates you, you know it’s a certainty. When you re-centre, you let go of this frustration and allow the ebb and flow of the currents to move freely through your life allowing you to re-connect to your strength and inner power, inspiring you to glow from the inside, out…


Change; perhaps the only true constant in life. Like the shifting sands along the beach, nothing ever stays the same, no matter how much you want it to. Of course, intuitively you know this, but you still find it hard to accept the apparent powerlessness of your existence. There is a sense that you sometimes allow this powerlessness to pervade into many aspects of your life as you try to seek out answers to the many questions you have in life; you are not content to sit and watch the world go by, you want to dive in and ascertain exactly why things are the way they are. You allow the concept of powerlessness to disempower you rather than shifting your perspective towards the inevitable ebb and flow of life, and thriving as a result. Yet, why? Do you want to understand so you can let go more or do you want to understand so you can try to get the better of change and thwart the process?

This is no judgement on you, after all, change isn’t always a bed of roses and you’ve seen your fair share of endings. Yet, intuitively you know you can no more stop the process of change than you can stop the day from turning into the night, so why try? Well, your grit and determination do not stem from foolhardiness but from a desire to create the best possible life and to cultivate a truer, and more genuine, sense of happiness. You like to understand why things are the way they are in order to make life better and this desire looks set to inspire you to transform your life as you begin to see the true gift that change brings you and, by letting go, opening up to the bigger picture of your life…


As you continue to expand your perspective and allow your focus to step beyond the four walls of your everyday life, there is a growing sense of creative expansion reaching deeply into your heart and soul. Looking beyond the ordinary is inspiring you to tap into the sparkling and effervescent creative force within as you begin to contemplate what you truly want in life. You have been ticking along, going with the flow for quite some time now and your soul is restless, seeking more meaning and challenge. Challenge may seem like an off choice of word, after all, no one wants a challenge do they? Well, yes. A challenge is a way to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and to inspire you to think outside of the box in order to tap into your gifts and skills. Unless you try to push yourself how can you know just how much you are capable of?

Whilst there is much to be said for maintaining routine and ‘keeping on keeping on’, you feel stuck in your trustworthy pair of familiar, somewhat tatty, old comfortable slippers. They still keep your feet warm but they’re threadbare and worn, and your determination to keep wearing them now seems to take more effort than the challenge of either replacing them or going barefoot. Of course, your sensible side feels barefoot is neither practical nor safe, but intuitively you want nothing more than a carefree barefooted dance in the long grass of the hills and valleys of life all around you; you want to experience the freedom of less restraint and the joy of something new. These hills and valleys may not be part of your everyday life but they could be; the question is, do you want them to be? So, comfortable slippers or a carefree dance, the decision is yours…


What’s more important: loving life or living it? Living life is something we all do by a process of default although many err on the side of caution and try to resist living life until something better comes along. Loving life is perhaps more complicated as it involves a conscious choice or decision to embrace life with an open heart and an open mind, choosing to dive right in and seize the day. There is a very different dynamic to the two and although your heart and soul longs to love life there is a sense that you feel as though you are too busy ‘turning the wheel’ and stuck in a cycle of living life. It can be hard to know how to break this cycle, after all, you are working hard and keeping the wheels on the bus of your life turning around. However, there is a distinct lack of colour and vibrancy with such a strategy as it leaves little room for your passion and creativity to flow freely.

Almost every level of your being longs to let go in order to live a more enriching life yet, it’s hard for you to throw caution to the wind as you risk stepping into unknown territory but it’s important to remember that this is your life and you have a choice to either live it in ways that maintain stability (but perhaps lose spontaneity), or to embrace the moment and see where it takes you. Of course, life is rarely as straightforward as this as there are always many different factors, people and situations to take into account, yet your soul is calling out for you to reach towards your dreams so, do you ignore this or do you use your ingenuity and initiative to embrace a brand-new way of living and being?


June looks set to be a month for grabbing hold of your dreams, shaking them about a bit, blowing away the cobwebs and having a good re-think as to what you truly want from life. So, not much time to be resting on your laurels! Although maybe resting on your laurels is exactly what you need to be doing in order to re-evaluate and re-define the shape and story of your life. Sometimes there is more action in being rather than doing. Sometimes doing less actually enables you, in the long run, to do more. This may sound slightly strange and counter-intuitive, but instinctively you know how much more you achieve when you’re thinking clearly and you have a stronger sense of equilibrium in your life, and this doesn’t necessarily come from doing more, it often simply evolves as a result of clearing your head and re-focusing.

Chaos can be immensely disturbing to you as it can pick you up and carry you off into the swirling winds of the tornado of life as you lose sight of your goals and sense of self. Of course, you cannot stop the swirling winds but, when you take a deep breath and reconnect to your inner stillness, you are no longer buffeted about, but more able to stand firm. You also have the choice to willingly let go and ride the waves, and this feels so much more empowering than being tossed about in the swirling winds! In a way, much of this is about re-establishing a stronger sense of self and a clearer perspective as the less overwhelmed you feel, the abler you are to focus on what you truly, unequivocally want from life. Being clear on such matters isn’t always easy but this is a perfect time for you to try…


The concept of stillness and tranquillity looks set to continue to take centre stage throughout June as you are nearing a crossroads of a significant shift in your life. Although your mind twists and turns like a maelstrom on caffeine pills, you often feel like you ought to have more stillness within as this is what you believe everyone aspires to achieve, after all, isn’t that the pathway to happiness and joy? In some ways you are right, as inner stillness is important, yet if such a state pulls you away from your natural state of being, then is it really the right thing for you? Whenever an ‘ought’ pops into the equation it’s important to re-evaluate your motivations as ‘oughts’ are often a sign that you are trying to be or do something you’re not. Maybe it’s possible to find stillness within that maelstrom and it’s only your ongoing resistance to being the maelstrom that creates the discord? Maybe if you accept your true essence, love it and embrace it, then you can learn how to thrive in the twists and turns?

Being you is fabulous; you are a creative, passionate, philosophical and convivial soul, and you often forget all of this as you aspire to push yourself in order to do more, be more and achieve more. Why not be you and be happy being you? Whilst the concept of stillness and tranquillity take centre stage, they do so in order for you to realise what you are not. This isn’t a waste of time as, in many ways, finding out what doesn’t work for you is just as important as knowing what does work, as it’s a way to distill the essence of you into something clearer and brighter. So, take a deep breath, dive into your beautiful maelstrom and let your true essence fly free…


Sometimes finding exactly the right words is incredibly hard; it can be so difficult to express the essence of a situation or experience into language as the words bring shape and form, and very often, there is no shape or form to the situations you find yourself in. There’s a blurred, wishy-washy line between clarity and uncertainty, but the nebulous nature of being you can mean clarity and certainty are just too concrete for you as they bind you to the moment rather than allowing you to be the fluid and free spirit you truly are. So, trying to describe the place in which you find yourself can be constricting rather than liberating as you become tied to the words rather than riding the ebb and flow. Yet, without description, it can be hard to make sense of your life as there’s no reference point or anything to grab hold of.

However, the more definition you seek out, the more lost you become as you shift out of sorts and feel trapped in the structure of words and sentences. You know only too well that your life is free flowing, indefinable and unformulated as your essence doesn’t know boundaries; you do not confirm yourself to the four walls of everyday life as your consciousness seeks out the bigger picture and beyond. This may not make for an easy life but it makes for a richer one as you allow the essence of you to move beyond words and into a space of openness and curiosity to live your life according to how you feel rather than trying to make sense of everything all of the time. There is always a place for words, but when you step beyond these you liberate yourself from the shackles of trying to fit your unique shaped peg into this square shaped hole called life…


As your inner infrastructure continues to undergo a major shake-up and reshuffle, there is a growing sense of optimism rising up from deep within your being. It’s hard to explain where this optimism is coming from and even harder to know where it’s heading, as there is a nebulousness about it, but, even though it’s vague and ill-defined, you can’t help but feel excited by the prospect as it’s stirring up a new wave of inspiration in connection to living the life you were born to live. As your inner workings unwind and re-shape, you may feel a deep sense of discombobulation as many areas of your life no longer make much sense to you; it’s as though you’ve been living on auto-pilot for years and you’ve suddenly taken back the controls and have to familiarise yourself with how that feels. As a result, the life you’ve been living is likely to feel slightly out of kilter with the life you’ve thought you’ve been living.

So, as well as liberation you are also facing the reality of ‘flying solo’ and being at the helm of the great big ship of your life. In many ways, this excites you, but it terrifies you at the same time because it means having to make some of those big decisions you’ve been avoiding for so long. It’s not that you hate making decisions, it’s more a case that you’ve not been quite sure how best to proceed with your life, so you have been hovering in indecision, hoping for a lightbulb moment to appear in order to guide you forward.  However, as you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, you’re not quite sure what the lightbulb moment is meant to look like. As your inner reshuffle continues, trust your intuition to guide you and let it lead the way…


Sometimes life is filled with questions to be asked and sometimes life is filled with answers without questions. If you’re lucky, the answers come flooding in without too much of a delay, but there are times, when, no matter how hard you look, you simply cannot find an answer. In fact, the harder you look, the less clarity you find. Then there are the times when the harder you look you forget the question you asked in the first place and end up going on a kind of wild goose chase, chasing your tail without really knowing why. Of course, you can step back and see the funny side to this but not when you’re stuck in the middle of it! Despite your deeply philosophical nature, there is a sense of frustration emanating from you at the current time as you have been on a roll when it comes to answering some of those big life questions but, instead of bringing you clarity, you’ve ended up with more questions to ask.

Life is rarely as straightforward or as black and white as you would like, and, whilst you know this, you still find yourself feeling frustrated because you feel indignant that it can be such hard work. So, whilst you accept you can’t have all the answers, you feel frustrated all the same as you feel you ought to be able to have all the answers. It is a bit contrary and extremely confusing but this is a sign of you kicking out against the treadmill, rabbit run flow of life: you simply cannot just accept what you’re told as you need to find out for yourself. As a result, you are beginning to re-establish a stronger sense of self once again as you find your feet, explore your truth and open up to the concept of thriving in a world without answers…


As your creative sparkle continues to sizzle and buzz, there is a sense you are beginning to look at yourself and your life from a different perspective. Instead of seeing yourself in the everyday colours of your everyday world, you are beginning to notice new colours, textures and shapes appearing as you step beyond the ordinary into your more usual space of the extraordinary. Although you have found yourself in the black and white, monochrome world of the pedestrian, this has been necessary to allow you to keep on keeping on with your life. Yet, all the while, you have been longing to break free and explore the technicoloured vibrancy of your true essence. There is some irony in this as you have been seeing your life in a very black and white way: monochromes or technicolour. Why can’t you have both? Are they mutually exclusive or are they only that way because you believe them to be? The everyday pedestrian world of keeping on keeping on is a necessary part of life but does it really have to be devoid of the colour and vibrancy tucked away in your heart and soul?

Surely if you allow this sparkle to shine and flow freely, you can find ways to turn your everyday into something magical and special? This isn’t to say you will suddenly no longer have any ‘keeping on’ to do or live in a fairy-tale utopian world of specialness, but you will have the opportunity to live more consciously in the present moment knowing you have allowed your uniqueness and sparkle to light up your world from the inside, out. You may then begin to see that your everyday is only monochrome because that’s the filter you use. So, let the sparkle out and allow it to light up your life…


The theme of diving into the depths of your being continues throughout June as you begin to discover the joy of being a fluid and free. Living without definition or shape is a blessing but it’s not for everyone and even you struggle with it at times because you feel like you ought to be like everyone else, but you’re not. You are not a sheep, you do not live your life trying to fit into a box. You are beyond the concept of sheep and boxes as your fluidity allows your consciousness to take you beyond clear-cut definitions: you are a bit like Schrödinger’s Cat, both here and not here at the same time. In other words, you are present as much as you choose to be. You do not aspire to live your life by the societal archetypes and constructs most adhere to even though it makes for an easier life.

By beginning to accept your fluidity, you are letting go of the resistance and opening up to living way and beyond your wildest imagination which is both exhilarating and a little terrifying as you do find a sense of safety by hiding away in the everyday world as it means you don’t have to let go of the safe and familiar. Yet, you are not content in the everyday world, so you have a choice: own your true essence or put up with what you have. This may sound a little harsh, but there’s no point in wandering around the edges of the subject. You are an amazing, vibrant, creative and passionate soul; you are free-flowing, unique and beyond comprehension. You can celebrate this and embrace it or you can choose to be a sheep and baa like everyone else. In many ways, there is no do here, just a willingness to either be or not be…

June 2017 Energy Report

June 2017 Energy Report

May’s Mayhem is over in one sense, but its aftershocks will be felt in June and through the rest of this year. One big aspect of June will be the karma shifts and endings, due to the increasing amounts of energy we have been receiving and grounding. Our desire for a shift in the energetic narrative is supported this month, so keep those lights shining because the more brightly you shine, the more energy you are open to receiving. June is a month for releasing those final dregs of the past and using your power of intention to create the foundation for your new 5D life, as Light Beacons. You may see more people leaving your life but they will be replaced as we say good-bye our karmic families and hello to our energetic families.

One big thing that happens in June is Jupiter, which has been retrograde since February, finally goes direct. Jupiter rules philosophy, luck, blessings, religion, law, publishing, and higher thought so its retrograde was a big factor in the decisions we had to make during the last 5 months. We have also had extensive retro activity since January so you may feel extra motivated to start moving forward now, without the baggage of the past.

June also begins with all of the zodiac signs represented, with a planet in every sign, except Virgo. We have double representation in Pisces, with Neptune and Chiron, but I believe that Chiron should rule Virgo and in Pisces it’s the opposite of Virgo so technically we could count that as Virgo (sorry, I digress here). Two planets, Venus and Mercury, will be in their signs of rulership, Taurus and Gemini, making them extra powerful and significant this month. Mars goes into Cancer, a sign where it is not as active (it’s a fire planet in a water sign) but this is great because we have all of the pieces in motion to spread the 5D light around. Think of an orchestra with all of the instruments playing and the loudest instrument (Mars) is being quieted or toned down (not silenced or terminated or eliminated), so it doesn’t dominate the conversation.

Let’s talk about the end of karma, a significant energy in June. More to the point, it’s the end of the energy that supports karma, karmic cycles, and karmic group dynamics. This was our soul mission for this lifetime and we have been working on this assignment for a very long time, with little success. We had engaged our karmic teachers (especially the mother energy) to convince them that ending the karma between us was a good thing.

How did that work out for us? For many, it led to unsatisfying, painful, dramatic, tense, and often very challenging relationships. We tried to ‘love’ our karmic partners into releasing karma, to dim our own lights so we would not outshine them, we tried to include them in our energy by lowering our energy boundaries, but it never worked out as we thought it would.

Rather than being loving, accepting, and grateful for our work, they were resistant, rejected us, and often treated us very badly. We didn’t lose or fail, it’s time for us to approach this from a more energetically sovereign, self-empowered perspective. We will do this in a much different way this month because of two important things.

First, we are at a turning point in our lives, deciding what kind of energy we want to embody and at the point where we can no longer prioritize what others need and want above our own wants and needs.

Second, the energy gaps between those who want to remain in 3D and those who want to move forward into 5D are so big that we can no longer resolve them by lowering our energy boundaries to accommodate others. Once we step onto the 4D bridge, we cannot go back to 3D, we must continue to move forward. We don’t leave anyone behind, we just remove ourselves and our energy from their energy fields so they can make their own choices.

This is not ‘cruel and unusual punishment’, it is another way the Universe works in absolutes and everyone has energetic sovereignty and gets to make their own choices. When we uplift or sustain others with our energy we become their crutch. And they don’t learn to find their own energy source. Once we remove our energy support they have to seek their own sources of energy and they need to, that is part of their energetic sovereignty.

So, what’s going on this month? First is the end to Jupiter’s retrograde, which is big. Next, we have the nodes firmly established in Leo/Aquarius, which began in May but is another step in a cycle from 1997 to April 2000. We began the new millennium with such big hopes and dreams, which have not materialized for us but we had to go through the last 17 years of growth to arrive at where we are now. And the nodes were in Leo/Aquarius on January 1, 2000. It’s a step back into the past so we can take a big leap into the future.

Saturn, the cosmic teacher and disciplinarian, is the big focus this month as it is going to be very active in challenging aspects with all of the personal planets all month. So expect more of the karmic balancing to happen in preparation for the big activity in September, when all of the personal planets, including the Sun, will be in Virgo around the 23rd.

One important astro aspect this month is Mercury’s placement in Gemini, the sign it rules. While it is the sign that rules short trips, communication, and transportation, I have always believed Mercury’s connection to karma is vastly underrated. It governs karma that we begin our life with and we resolve it in the sign of Virgo (which makes Chiron a better ruler of Virgo). But our karmic lessons, the nature of our karma, the people we have it with, all fall in the 3rd house, Gemini, and Mercury. Someday I’ll have to write a book about sign and house energetic resonances and the karmic nature of Mercury.

In Gemini Mercury is going to clash with Saturn, while cozying up to the other planets but don’t be fooled, I think this is more like ‘pickpocket’ energy, where one person distracts you while someone else takes your wallet. Mercury earns his reputation as a trickster and in addition to Saturn’s clash, there will be one with Pluto too. On one hand, this may impact you if you are using too much of your energy to resolve karma by being too ‘nice’. On the other hand, those who are engaging in karma creating activities may find themselves on the receiving end of their activities. It is definitely boomerang time, where the energy you put out comes back at you, make sure you are sending out something you want to receive.

And we have to remember that we still have the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square, which is being activated again with the current Saturn retrograde, as well as the Saturn/Chiron square, another tough transit that continues throughout the year. The Uranus/Eris conjunct is still active and being touched off this month by beneficial transits but that just means that the blast won’t be quite as loud or hit quite as hard (depending on what someone has been doing) – this is an explosive transit that packs quite a punch. Eris represents the soul warrior seeking retribution and is named after the goddess of discord but this is not intentionally creating chaos, it’s a process of righting the wrongs, taking back power that has been abused, and creating a level playing field.

June’s theme or keyword is truth and that means a lot of things. First, it means the truth of your own agenda, what you want from people and why you do what you do with, for, and to them. Are you seeking validation and approval? How is that aligned with the truth of who you are or want to be?

Then it means the truth we want to believe or have present in the world versus what we see in the world, which is another form of truth. This is about the collective truth, what we live with in the world. With so many kinds of truth, how do we know what is ‘true’? It’s all true because, in an unlimited universe where everything is true, there can be no lie. Everything is ‘a truth’ we have to decide what we want to have as ‘the truth’ for ourselves.

Truth is a touchy issue because everyone has their own truth. The best way to use this month’s ‘truth’ theme is to decide what we want to have as our truth in our lives, to get very clear and focused on that truth, and not let anything distract us from it. Expand the energy for the truth you want to have in your life so you receive more and more of it as well as people and situations that resonate with that truth.

If we all agree that peace is our individual truth, then can expand to become our collective truth and war will go away.

If we all agree that respect is our individual truth, then it can expand to become our collective truth and disrespect will go away.

If we believe that energetic sovereignty is our individual truth then it can expand to become our collective truth and control, domination, and manipulation will go away.

Everyone does not have to agree with your truth for it to be true. But when many people hold the same truth, it becomes part of the collective truth. And in the face of that truth, when it is held by many people, everything that is not aligned with it cannot co-exist with it.

We are transcending into ascension, it is not a big leap across the canyon of fear and confusion into the ‘promised land’. It’s a process of moving across the 4D bridge and the farther we go across it, the more we distance ourselves from pure 3D the less we can find in common with it – that’s why so many of our relationships are ending now.

To best use June’s energy,  we can decide what we want to be true for us, gather our truth around us and expand that energy into the world. This requires shining brightly – no more dimming our lights. It also requires that we stop looking for agreement from others for what we want to be and start shining that light for ourselves. Shine on! is our mantra and love, peace, joy, and prosperity for all is our battle cry. While it may not be all smooth sailing this month, we have control of the rudder and the sails, so the ship will take us to wherever we want to go. Have a fantastic month.