We will be off the internet for a few days

Lady of the Abyss is  having  surgery  on her hip today to remove the tumor located there.  Needless to say, we want to be at the hospital while she has surgery and afterwards for a bit.

We will be back on the internet at the first of next week if everything goes well with her surgery. But she will not be back for several months to come on. She didn’t want to have the surgery but after yesterday, she didn’t have any choice. She got up to take a break from the podcast and she fell to the floor in pain. She couldn’t move her right leg and when my brother went to pick her up, she screamed in pain. We called an ambulance and at it was determined at the hospital, the tumor had to be removed now.

I would ask you to keep all of us in your prayers while she has surgery and as we start to carry on next week without our dear sister and friend.

Mistress of the Myst