Good Friday Morning To All Our Dear, Sweet Family & Friends! Let the Magick Begin…..


This Is My Will

Bless my feet to walk in balance of dark and light,
For opportunities grant me the gift of sight.
let me put to rest, the paths I no longer wish to be
that I feel are unproductive and just not good for me.
Let me sow seeds and give birth to paths of joy and harmony
things I find important and in general good for me.
Open my heart to unconditional love
so my soul my soar freely, with no limits above.
Yet grant me the strength to access the warrior within
Picking up my sword for any battles I find important to win
For as a witch, I find myself worthy and with the right
to walk in peace yet for protection to give a mighty fight.
Bless my hands to heal and spread tolerance throughout the nation
From the predjudice ideals of others that started from creation.
Bless my lips to speak words of truth and wisdom
to allow everyone their freedom of relgion
for we are all children of the lord and lady
so let us spread seeds of love and tolerance that starts with one step, one word today
Bless my actions for they are louder than words, in all that I do
To help open others hearts that just don’t have a clue
Lord and lady grant me these blessings for this is my will , so mote it be!


—Whispering Willow, Author