On This Beautiful & Glorious Solstice Morning, A Quick Up Date………

Litha Comments & GraphicsGood Wednesday morning, dear brothers & sisters! It was a glorious Solstice morning here today. The beautiful Sun came up shining in all His glory, the magick was coursing through the air, it was pure magick. I thought I would give you a quick up-date on what is going on….


Yesterday, started out to be a lovely day but…..yes, there is always that but, lol! You know we have been selling merchandise on Etsy. Well come to find out there was an issue with one of the items we sold. The buyer contacted me in regards to the issue and when I found out about it, I went through the roof. We do actually have craft people that make items and we had what this customer wanted in stock (I thought, keyword “thought”). Anyway, we had a lady that would bring me the list of items we had to sell on Etsy. This item that was causing the problem was on there. I trusted her and I listed it. Well, come to find out, we did not have the item in stock. Instead, she went to another woodworker and got the item made. The customer told me it was horrible. I don’t believe horrible even began to describe what he received. So when the lady came in, I asked her about it and she told me the truth. I don’t feel good to start with and I went off on her. To say the least, we are now one employee short and I owe this customer a refund. Then to even make matter worse, I really ought to know not to do business when I am angry, Etsy and I got into it. The men who do our woodwork did some elegant spoons, they are rare and hard to find. I listed them. When I did, Etsy suspended our account. They stated the items and some others were not hand crafted and did not meet their standards. Ha! These men worked for numerous hours carving these spoons and they are beautiful and for Etsy to have the gaul to say they didn’t make them, pissed me off! Etsy contacted me and told me our account was suspended with them. They informed me of how I could go about getting it re-instated so I took the time to do just that this morning. I went through and deleted every item in the shop. Etsy isn’t what it is cracked up to be. They trust no one. They hold the customers payments for three days to make sure they clear (yeah right, they just want their money up front). Then they forward it to us, the seller, which takes another three days for us to get the payment. Etsy doesn’t trust their buyers or sellers. With a policy like that, it makes the seller look horrible. I explained to them this fact and got no reply. I also told them we had been on the internet since 2009 and had an excellent reputation. I wouldn’t stand by and let them ruin it or anyone else. So Etsy can bite me.


After that fact, I had to go to the hospital and get some blood work done. With my morning being such, my blood pressure was through the roof.  Besides when I get upset or pissed, it only seems to make my condition worse. I hurt like hell all day yesterday and this morning. The doctor has me on a powerful pain pill. I had been only taken a half of it because I found out early if I took a whole one, I became a zombie. We already have coyotes and wolves around here, I don’t believe we need any zombies, lol! By the time I got through at the hospital, I came home, shut the door and went to bed. I did, however, get up to see the beautiful Solstice Sun rise and boy, was it breath-taking.


On top of my illness, my pup is also sick. For the last few months, I had been taking him to the vet I used with Kiki. After the second trip there and completing all his meds, he wasn’t any better. So I found a specialist who is located about 75 miles from here and took Kade to him. I seriously thought he had the dog flu and I was going to lose him. You don’t know how many nights I have spent crying over him. Kiki hasn’t even been gone a year yet and to lose this one after losing the other one, I couldn’t stand it. But this new vet seems to know what she is doing. Kade is 100% better and I believe he is going to out live me. But we have to go back to day for a check-up and see what the vet want to continue or discontinue. I believe you all know how I feel about my familiars. When Kiki was so bad, I did blood sacrifices for her (my own blood). She was only suppose to live for 6 months after they found out what was wrong with her. But thanks be to the Goddess, Kiki lived for an additional 2 1/2 years. I love my familiars to death and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. So we are going to the vet this morning at 11:30.


Then there is tomorrow, back to the doctors I go. The delay in my treatment is because I have several complications at once, ain’t I lucky! I have the tumor on my hip, I have nodes in my liver, and I have a very large uterine fibroid tumor. I have had numerous test over the past few weeks that is why there has been practically no activity on this site. I don’t even want to talk about the podcast. But tomorrow, we decide which one should be taken care of first. Oh, to add to good news, I have had this growth on my ankle and come to find out it is also a tumor. I didn’t know people could have tumors in so many different places, gee! But it makes me wonder if this on my hip has spread all the way down my leg. Guess I will find out tomorrow.


So what this long conversation is meant to say is that there won’t be much activity on the WOTC for the next few days. I plan on Friday getting back at it.  I know people don’t understand why I don’t stop. It is simple, if I keep busy, I don’t think about it. I have something to occupy my mind. And then again, when I make plans they all go straight to you know where, lol! But we are going to try our best to be back Friday. So just bear with us a little bit longer and things will work out. At least one good thing, I drug out the old Ouija board, I was trying to contact my mother instead I got my father. I talked to him a bit, got a few things straight I was curious about, turned out to be a good session. When I got ready to close the portal I told him, I would be seeing him soon I guessed. His reply was “No!” The board went crazy and kept going back to “no, no, no.” I took that as he meant I wouldn’t be seeing him any time soon and he also told me to get the idea of dying out of my head. I still had a ways to go and a lot to do before my time was up. I think most of all, after all these years of carrying a bitterness toward him, he told me, “I was his baby and he loved me.” That brought tears to my eyes. You have to understand my whole life’s story and I am not going to bore you with it. But that communications with him meant the world to me. I really was surprised when he showed up and sort of disappointed. But afterwards, I felt like there was a heavy shadow lifted off of me. I know I have a rough time ahead with my health but I am going to survive it. Then I had a little voice in my head tell me, “You always knew you would survive it because you are a fighter.” I believe that little voice was the Goddess. She has been a great comfort to me during the past year. Confronted with the possibility of death does bring one closer to their faith.


Well, enough with all that, I just wanted to catch you up on a few things. I do hope you understand and I sincerely appreciate your patience with us. We will be back Friday in full force, I promise. I was worried about being short handed but Mystie told me, she had found someone to replace the one I fired or let go (a nicer term). So we won’t be running short after all. I will up-date you on my condition and we will see you Friday. I am very sorry that we could not spend this glorious Solstice with you but life happens. I believe there is enough information here for you in case you need it regarding Litha and the Summer Solstice.


Have a very blessed & beautiful Litha & Summer Solstice, my sweets….

With all my love,

Lady of the Abyss


3 thoughts on “On This Beautiful & Glorious Solstice Morning, A Quick Up Date………

  1. Thank you so much for all of your dedication to WOTC! Your website has been my sacred bible! I will send healing blessings to you daily to help with your illnesses! I myself have Lupus and know how pain can effect not only your every day living, but your magick and craft as well. All blessings to you beautiful wise Woman 🖤


  2. Lady of the Abyss, hope you get well soon. My Grand grand Mother always make a Tee geranium robertianum.
    Stork’s nib has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, toning, relieving pain and also helps with the treatment of mental disorders. Counter-indications and interactions with other means are not known. If the dosage is too high and the dose is too long, it can lead to stomach discomfort.
    The natural remedy is to recommend that 2 teaspoons of fresh or dried herbs be infused with 1/4 l of cold water and let to go overnight. The next morning, the stork’s snuffing tea is slightly warmed and scalded.

    May it help.
    Blessed be


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