Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Monday, June 19t

Get A Jump on Tomorrow…..

Your Horoscopes for Monday, June 19th



Aries Horoscope

Venus in your solar second house can boost your feeling of abundance these days, dear Aries, and you can be particularly interested in beautifying your surroundings or making yourself more comfortable. It’s also a great influence for making the most of your talents and resources. With its minor challenging aspects today, however, there can be some inclination to waste or frivolous decision-making. If you are feeling unsettled, try to get to the heart of the matter. Others may seem over the top or ungrounded. On top of this, you may be dealing with guilt about what you’re not doing or worry about an unknown. For some, there can be news or appointments that worry you, but that also nudge you closer to answers and solutions to problems. Ideas shared with friends or in group settings can be healing and helpful, and family can be very supportive later today.


Taurus HoroscopeYour personal wants and needs are on the front burner with Venus in your sign these days, dear Taurus. Today, however, they may be misleading and are unlikely to reflect what’s in your heart unless you commit to digging a little deeper. Distractions can be plenty now, and you may not be seeing others’ value very clearly. This is temporary and relatively easy to overcome. The trick is to aim for self-honesty. Avoiding things seems to be the escapist route of choice today, and there can be big clues to understanding yourself in what you most want to avoid right now! A Sun-Chiron square is also active today and can put the spotlight on insecurities or vulnerabilities, perhaps in an initially uncomfortable way. The discomfort, however, can challenge you to do something about it, however, so it has a purpose. Don’t ignore your inner voice today. If an insecurity is triggered, go to the source and aim to learn from the experience. Later tonight, it’s easier to relax and let things be, which in turn leads to a more accepting, calm approach.



While you have both the Sun and Mercury in your sign, pointing to a rather outgoing time, dear Gemini, Venus is hiding behind your sign, and you’re keeping many of your deeper feelings to yourself. When it comes to love and pleasure, there is substantial attention to the past, privacy, healing, and reflecting. Making peace with the past is a real possibility these days, but today’s energies are a little problematic, suggesting a perhaps unhealthy focus on problems, limitations, or insecurities, likely related to previous relationships or unfinished business. You may be feeling especially undecided for much of the day. You’re also particularly sensitive to others’ expectations of you, which can lead to poor decisions. Try not to go along with something just to appease others and instead think about ways to express what you actually want. Your ruler, Mercury, and Uranus are moving towards a harmonious aspect tonight, and this can help you detach enough for your wonderful sense of humor to return!


CancerYou may be feeling a little torn between keeping to yourself and sharing your time with others today, dear Cancer. Alternatively, there may be doubts or worries that prevent you from fully enjoying or interacting naturally with friends. You might also be focusing a little too much on unresolved problems or old hurts and disappointments, making it difficult to enjoy the moment. It’s best to avoid taking others’ opinions to heart now, and if someone’s ideas trigger a soft spot today, identify it and be honest with yourself so that it doesn’t drive poor decisions and behaviors. Even so, there is wonderful energy with you today for working on projects behind the scenes. There can be breakthroughs with problem-solving, and you have all the tools necessary to turn a problem around.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

As much as you enjoy working towards your goals these days, dear Leo, it can be difficult to focus or concentrate today. It’s best to make significant decisions or draw final conclusions on matters now based solely on your feelings today. Avoid acting on impulse and committing yourself to something when only half your heart is in it. Your ruler, the Sun, is challenged today, and self-doubts can seemingly get in the way of progress. Hold off on making bold moves until you know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go. Uncertainties related to support or intimacy can affect your choices today, so aim for self-understanding as your priority. However, good energy is with you for networking and connecting with friends later today. Sharing viewpoints, personal philosophies, and opinions with others can lead to fun, if not important, discoveries. The Moon moves to the top of your solar chart this evening, and seeking out a mission can help improve your mood.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeWith the Moon in your solar eighth house, your feelings run deep, dear Virgo, and this is complicated by minor challenging Venus aspects, which tend to mask real reasons for discontent with cravings for material or superficial things. You may not know what you want, or you could fixate on something you think you want but then discover that it’s not the answer to your problems. Compounding problems is the Sun’s challenging square to Chiron, challenging you to deal with insecurities about your close relationships and performance. If pleasing others threatens to turn into appeasing them, try to nip this unhealthy behavior in the bud. You can do better than that! You have a rather brave and forward-looking attitude about relationships these days, however, and you can get back on this track sooner with a commitment to self-understanding. Fortunately, a Mercury-Uranus aspect is forming, and you’re in great shape for turning over a new leaf by the end of the day.



While you’re seeking out more depth and passion in your relationships or with your projects and interests these days in general, dear Libra, part of you is worried that these things can impinge on your freedom today. This can lead to some hesitation to commit yourself and perhaps some mixed signals. For some of you, boundaries in your relationships can be on the confusing side today. Also today, it can be difficult to stand up for yourself, and there is a tendency to appease others rather than deal with the big issues. While it’s not the best time to have the “big talk” due to a tendency for us to be on the touchy side much of the day, by tonight, if you’re not already over it, there is easier, breezier energy for talking things through, if necessary. A frustrated mood may very well prompt you to take action on something you’ve avoided.


Scorpio Horoscope

Venus is in your partnership sector these days, dear Scorpio, and this is a helpful influence for improving relationships as well as bringing loving, supportive people into your life. Today, Venus forms tense aspects and the tendency may be to swing from appeasing others to avoiding them, however. Keep in mind that it’s difficult to see others’ true value today as insecurities can skew your perceptions. Aim to see the difference between feelings that come from a place of insecurity and those that come from your heart. Doubts happen to the best of us, and you can make the best of them by allowing doubts to motivate you to resolve problems, as you are particularly uncomfortable in this frame of mind. More than anything, aim for self-honesty. Talking through things with a partner can be very effective later today and into tomorrow. It can be slightly messy but helpful and revealing! The coming days are important for putting a bad habit or attitude behind you.


Sagittarius Horoscope

As much as you’re enjoying certain jobs, duties, and routines these days, dear Sagittarius, it can be difficult to focus on what you want today, partly because your attention is divided. Sticking to plans and routines can be challenging — you may be seeking out pleasure and comfort most of all. There can be competing energies pitting your social life or leisure time against chores. Uncertainties in the family or home life or insecurities can be at the root of indecision now. Treat your home and personal life as your root and base, and as you take care of it, other areas of life improve by extension. It’s not always easy to identify your limits and boundaries as these can blur with people you care about, but doing so can help to prevent problems and resentments. Today is emotionally up and down but can give you a window into problem areas and vulnerabilities. Later today is quite excellent for moving forward through smart decisions and conversations.


Capricorn Horoscope

Venus in your romance and creativity sector these days is a wonderful transit for personal appeal and enjoyment, dear Capricorn. With its challenging aspects today, however, there can be some tendency to avoid responsibilities or to seek out pleasure and comfort when you should be doing otherwise. This is not necessarily difficult, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind that judgment can be a little off. As well today, a Sun-Chiron square suggests some self-doubt which can lead to appeasing people. Bad timing is likely when it comes to conversations, transportation, and appointments. A roundabout or avoidant approach is a temptation but is probably the least productive use of this energy. Notice where your insecurities lie and work on making changes. Later today, you’re in a better frame of mind for doing so.



This morning’s Venus-Jupiter awkward aspect can leave you feeling a little divided, dear Aquarius, and this can lead to uneasy feelings and indecision. There is also a tendency to wile away your time, which isn’t an inherently bad thing if you need a break but can be a real waste if you spend your break in an unhappy headspace. Whether you want togetherness or increased freedom can be an issue in your relationships today, or you may be vacillating between sticking with familiar things and sticking your neck out. As the day progresses, events can stimulate your insecurities, and you’re likely to find that others are just as touchy. Tonight and into tomorrow, however, you find it easy to detach yourself from problem areas and enjoy yourself.



Venus in your solar third house these days boosts your communication skills and increases your enjoyment of learning and connecting, dear Pisces. Venus forms some minor but challenging aspects today, however, and your timing can be a little off. You may be expressing yourself playfully when someone is seeking a more serious response, for example. As well today, insecurities can leave you feeling divided between going your own way or sticking with an approach you know will create the fewest waves. Watch that others don’t unload all of their problems on you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Approaching the day without a plan or purpose can leave you feeling even more vulnerable, so seek out a mission for best results. Tonight and into tomorrow, you’re in beautiful shape for appreciation and satisfying relationships.