Nature’s 4 Elements of Love

Do you believe in magic?

Nature’s 4 Elements of Love


Love is and is made from nature’s 4 elements of love
that make up all the essentials in life


The 4 elements of love that intertwine
our beings divine within the beating
heart of the universal infinite


The 4 elements of love that make us…
from the tops of our heads
to the tips of our toes
to the beating of our hearts
to our hands that give love


So I call from Gaia the 4 elements of love into me…


Earth – the element coming from the North
Earth as my Body – become me


Earth is our universal home
For She sustains, supports, and provides nourishment
for us all


Earth is where we were born
Earth is where we will live
Earth is where we will die


Earth is the source that all life comes from and
that all life will return to – ashes to ashes and
dust to dust


When you stand upon Mother Earth, let
your soul move through the center of
your feet to entangle once again with
the roots of all earth’s life


My Body as Earth – Let Me become You…


Air – the element coming from the East
Air as my Breath – breathe me in


Air is the movement, space and the medium of
communication between all life


Air is under and around our starry skies, and
inbetween the essential ethers that we breathe


Air tells us the secrets of the earth…
if we silence our minds enough we can hear them


Air is what we should all be like to each other –
that giving and that essential


When you let air blow through your
heart freely you feel true love
for all


My Breath as Air – Let me breathe you in…


Fire – the element coming from the South
Fire as my Spirit – consume me


Fire as Sun heats the Earth,
warms our hearts and homes


Fire as energy, is the light, the heat and that
which creates our vital inner force that we all
need for soul survival


Fire is the energy that enables our spiritual growth


Fire is the inner passion that moves us all to seek
and find love in all


When you let fire consume your being,
your soul becomes one with all


My Spirit as Fire – Let Me consume You…


Water – the element coming from the West
Water as my Blood – flow thru me


Water is the ebb and flow within us in accordance to
the lunar cycles


Water is the liquid of love that flows from Her veins
of life into our veins of life


Water is life’s blood that connects all life
and flows thru all life


Water is the universal solvent that…
connects us all
flows thru us all
dissolves us all
all into one


When you lay over water and water lays
over you, you once again become whole –
mind, body and soul…


My Blood as Water – Let Me flow thru You…


For these 4 elements of love come from the
primal source above and connect us all as
one universal being of love within this
infinite universe of love


For these 4 elements of love take us all
Take us all thru Mother Gaia’s 4 seasonal calls
– Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall


Savannah Skye, Author
Originally published on Pagan Library