Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus

Give up the gab while Mercury is in earthy Taurus

Get ready to give up your gift of gab! Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into slow and steady Taurus on May 16, 2017.

Speedy Mercury finds a more sturdy environment in earthy Taurus. This period is one in which solid values, concrete ideas and practical perspectives are likely to take on greater significance for all of us.

Mercury generally excels at flexibility, but Taurus is arguably the least flexible of all the zodiac signs. We may find ourselves digging in and taking rigid positions when opposed by different ideas, concepts or facts at this time. It’s vital that we not lose our ability to stay open-minded to overcome Taurean resistance to whatever is new or different.

Practicality gets things done

Ideally, Mercury in Taurus connects us with the earthy realities that will nurture the growth and development of our ideas. Taurus offers a rich soil of values and commitment that can provide resources to carry thoughts from conception to birth. Slow, careful conversations enable us to consider alternatives without ever losing sight of fundamental values and underlying practical issues.


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