Today is Tuesday, February 14

valentines dayToday is Tuesday, February 14

Tuesday is dedicated to the powers of the planet Mars, personified in Ares, Tiwaz, Tiw, Tuisco and Tyr. Tuesday rules controlled power, energy and endurance.

Deity: Tiwaz

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Planet: Mars

Tree: Holly

Herb: Plantain

Stone: Agate

Animal: Crab

Element: Fire

Color: White

Number: 2

Rune: Tyr (T)

Celtic Tree Month of Luis (Rowan) – (January 21 – February 17)

The Runic Half Month of Sigel (February 12 – February 26)

Goddess of the Month of Bridhe – (January 22 – February 19th)


The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick