It Is Tuesday, July 19th & I Would Like To Talk To You For A Minute

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I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with you in several months. I feel comfortable in doing so now because Lady A has taken a few days off, which she deserves. She was up last night at 3:00 having chest pains. We tried to get her to go to the hospital but she refused. Upon my insistence, she is taking a few days off to rest and relax.


I come to you today out of love and concern for Lady A. We all know she had a very tragic loss recently, her beloved Kiki passed. Kiki wasn’t your average familiar, she was Lady A’s blood familiar. Most witches don’t know the cost of taking a blood familiar but the witches from the hills do. A part of the witch goes with that familiar when they pass. It is very, very difficult and it takes time to recover from such a loss. I wasn’t here when Kiki was buried but my brother was. They buried Kiki and Lady A put some very personal items in the grave with her. These personal items can be very dangerous if too personal and the ones Lady A put in her grave were. It would be easy to break this hold and bond between them if I could only dig up the grave. I know that sounds horrible but it might save Lady A’s life if I could. My stupid brother poured a concrete slab over Kiki’s grave. I have no way of getting to those items to break the bond. In fact, he only told me about these items recently. These items could pull Lady A over to the other side with Kiki. I am not lying to you, I am telling you the truth.


I contacted an Elder from the hills and talked to her about the situation. She agreed it was a very serious situation especially since Lady Abyss is our High Priestess. We can’t afford to lose her and we won’t. The only solution we could come up with is to find our High Priestess another familiar to direct her love towards. I have been working ever since I found out about what was in that grave to find another familiar. I got word this morning that I have access to one. He is a rescue dog and we will be saving his life and Lady A’s at the same time. I have put his picture below for you to see him. I believe she will fall in love with him even though he is not her Kiki. She knows as well as I do, nothing can replace Kiki. I can’t stand by and watch her give up on everything and everybody. I can’t, I love her. When Kiki passed, Lady A just seemed to give up on everything. I have never seen her like this and it is breaking my heart.


It is my sincere hope when she sees this little ball of fur that perhaps the old Lady A will return to us. The rescue organization I am getting the little pup from is willing to ship him directly to our door. The only problem is I am running a bit short on cash. I was laid off from one of the local plants and draw unemployment right now. My brother has had to hire people to watch his farm while he is down here. So we are all just a little tight on funds. I know Lady A has the raffle going on right now but this is more important than the raffle. We need your help in getting this little fella to our doorstep. We are hoping that we will be saving not only one life but two. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated.


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    1. Thank you, Sherry. Anything will be appreciated. I never dreamed of her doing what she did. You could see the love between them when Kiki was alive. I guess it is true love lives on no matter what. Since I can’t get to those items, I am truly scared for Lady A. She has changed so. I have known her all my life and have never seen her like this. I appreciate you helping out in this situation.


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