A Very Beautiful & Blessed Sunday To All My Wonderful Family & Friends!

good afternoon
Good Sunday Afternoon, my sweets! It seems like it has been forever since I have talked to you. Of course, I see Mystie has been doing a lot of talking, LOL! I appreciate her doing the postings but there are somethings she didn’t need to tell. But that is just Mystie what can I say? I just needed time to get my head on straight and cleared. Kiki’s death was sudden and unexpected. Whose life wouldn’t get thrown into a whirlwind?


I went to the dog pound yesterday to just look and Mystie threw a fit about me going. Couldn’t figure out why, so she finally told me. She said that everyone here had pitched in and collected enough money for a new little Pom to be delivered to our doorstep. That was a shock to say the least and something I never expected. The little fellow hasn’t arrived yet but he is suppose to be here next week. They delayed shipping him because of the weekend coming up is what Mystie told me. He should be here around Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week. She handed me this lovely card and inside it was picture of my new Pom. He is absolutely adorable and I can’t wait for him to get here. It said on the card, “We love you, Lady A! From All The Members of the WOTC!” I don’t know what to say except thank you for caring and loving me the way you do. You are truly an amazing group of people. The things you have done for the WOTC and me are incredible. I can never ever say thank you enough and that I love you. What is very special to me is when you do something like this I know my love is returned, I know I truly have a family here. We might just be a spot on the internet but the WOTC and its members are much, much more than that. We have a bond not only of friendship but of love. A love I will cherish always, my dear brothers and sisters. It is just at times, thank you doesn’t seem adequate, really it doesn’t. You are outstanding, caring, loving and passionate people. When you are surrounded by those kind of people, the kind you all are, I wonder if I can ever say thank you enough or let you know how much I truly do love you. Thank you again so very much.


Besides thanking you for being incredible, loving people, I wanted to let you know that we will resume full operations Monday. Our routine has been out of sorts for a while but now it is time to return to doing the Goddess’ work. We are going to start our daily posts earlier than we usually do and we are also going to try to keep the Southern Realm site running and up to speed. The Great Morrighan was the one who pointed out the need for a site for our Southern Hemisphere brothers and sisters. I don’t want to disappoint Her or our Divine Mother. We still have plenty of work ahead of us and it is pass time to get back to it.


Take the rest of the day off to kick back and relax on your Sunday afternoon. We will see you tomorrow, ready to go. Thank you again for your love. I am so grateful for it and I can never repay you enough for it. I am truly blessed to be able to call you my brothers and sisters, my family.


I love you all,

Lady A