The Witches Of The Craft’s Digest for Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Witches Of The Craft’s Digest for Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Today We Honor The Greek Goddess Demeter


Praise Demeter full of life
I am with thee
Honored and humbled
By life’s seasons

Sacred is the fruit
Of thy womb

Holy Demeter
Mother of Life
Guide our paths
Now and through strife
into peace

Demeter was the goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest. She was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. It was believed that Demeter made the crops grow each year; thus the first loaf of bread made from the annual harvest was offered to her. She was the goddess of the earth, of agriculture, and of fertility in general. Sacred to her are livestock and agricultural products, poppy, narcissus and the crane.

Demeter was intimately associated with the seasons. Her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades to be his wife in the underworld. In her anger at her daughter’s loss, Demeter laid a curse on the world that caused plants to wither and die, and the land to become desolate. Zeus, alarmed for the barren earth, sought for Persephone’s return. However, because she had eaten while in the underworld, Hades had a claim on her. Therefore, it was decreed that Persephone would spend four months each year in the underworld. During these months Demeter would grieve for her daughter’s absence, withdrawing her gifts from the world, creating winter. Her return brought the spring.

Demeter was also known for founding the Eleusinian Mysteries. These were huge festivals held every five years and very important events for many centuries. Yet, little is known about them as those attending were sworn to secrecy. It is thought that the central tenet around which the Mysteries revolved was that just like grain returns every spring after its harvest and the winter lull, so does the human soul after the death of the body, reincarnated in a next life.

Demeter Is also called Ceres, Sito, Thesmophoros.
Material: Greek Mythology
Prayer: Abby Willowroot © 2000

pent Today Is Wednesday, July 13

Wednesday is the day of the Teutonic deity known as Wodin or Odin, an aspect of the Allfather, god of knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and combat, the parallel of Hermes, the planet Mercury.
Deity: Woden
Zodiac Sign: Gemini & Virgo
Planet: Mercury
Tree: Ash
Herb: Cinquefoil
Stone: Emerald & Sardonyx
Animal: Raven & Cat
Element: Air
Color: Red & Blue
Number: 6
Rune: Odal(O)
The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick


The Sun & Moon Data for Wednesday, July 13

The Sun
Sun Direction: ↑ 71.22° ENE
Sun Altitude: 11.38°
Sun Distance: 94.492 million mi
Next Equinox: Sep 22, 2016 9:21 AM (Autumnal)
Sunrise Today: 5:45 AM↑ 62° Northeast
Sunset Today: 8:15 PM↑ 298° Northwest
Length of Daylight: 14 hours, 29 minutes
The Moon
Moon Direction: ↑ 329.53° NNW
Moon Altitude: -60.24°
Moon Distance: 251173 mi
Next Full Moon: Jul 19, 20165:56 PM
Next New Moon: Aug 2, 20163:44 PM
Next Moonrise: Today2:41 PM
Current Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 63.8%


Moon Phase for the Month of July 

New Moon – July 4, 2016
First Quarter – July 11, 2016
Full Moon – July 19, 2016
Last Quarter – July 26, 2016

Current Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

The Moon today is in a Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not yet a Full Moon. The phase lasts round 7 days with the moon becoming more illuminated each day until the Full Moon. During a Waxing Gibbous the moon will rise in the east in mid-afternoon and will be high in the eastern sky at sunset. The moon is then visible though most of the night sky setting a few hour before sunrise. The word Gibbous first appeared in the 14th century and has it’s roots in the Latin word “gibbous” meaning humpbacked.


The Sky Today, Wednesday, July 13
The Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower gets underway this week. Although the shower doesn’t peak until the end of July, you should start to see some meteors in the hours before dawn. The best time to look is between 3 and 4 a.m. local daylight time, after the Moon has set and before twilight intrudes. To tell a Southern Delta Aquarid meteor from a random dust particle burning up in Earth’s atmosphere, trace the streak of light’s path backward. A shower meteor will appear to originate from the constellation Aquarius the Water-bearer.
The Moon reaches apogee, the farthest point in its orbit around Earth, at 1:24 a.m. EDT. It then lies 251,201 miles (404,269 kilometers) from Earth’s center.


Pagan Book of Days for Wednesday, July 13

Celtic Tree Month of Tinne(Holly) – July 8 – August 4. Holly, an evergreen plant reminds us all year long about the immortality of nature. The Holly moon was called Tinne, pronounced chihnn-uh, by the Celts, who knew the potent Holly was a symbol of masculine energy and firmness. The ancients used the wood of the Holly in the construction of weapons, but also in protective magic.

Hang a sprig of Holly in your house to ensure good luck and safety to your family. Wear as a charm, or make Holly Water by soaking leaves overnight in spring water under a full moon — then use the water as a blessing to sprinkle on people or around the house for protection and cleansing.
Runic Half-Month of Feoh (wealth) – June 29 – July 14
Goddess of the Month of Kerea – July 11 – August 8
The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick


Goddesses Associated With Wednesday, The Day of Woden

Demeter, Ceres, Spider Woman, Bona Dea, Oya, Devi-Kali, Hella, Rhiannon, Coatlique, Maman Brigette

The Goddess Book of Days
Diane Stein


The Goddess Book of Days for Wednesday, July 13th

Reed Dance Day in Swaziland, tribute of girls to the Queen Mother Ndlovukazi, the She- Elephant. Elephant/Serpent Goddesses are: Tiamat, Aido Wedo, Coatlique, Cretan Snake Goddess, Atargatis, Radha, Rainbow Serpent, Kwan Yin. Elephant Gods are Ganesha, Baal, Behemoth, Shiva, Damballa, “Lord of Hosts,” the Divine Child. Cow and Elephant imagery
The Goddess Book of Days
Diane Stein

pentToday is July 13, We Celebrate

Highland Games (Scotland)

Themes: Sports; Strength; Excellence; Kinship; Art; Tradition Magic; Protection; Victory
Symbols: Tartan (plaids); Celtic Music
About Scathach:

This Celtic mother figure endows strength, endurance, and the ability to “go the distance” no matter our situation. In Scotland she is also a warrior goddess who protects the land using magic as a weapon, as implied by the translation of her name, “she who strikes fear.” Warriors from around Scotland were said to have studied under Scathach to learn battle cries and jumping techniques (possibly a type of martial arts).
To Do Today: In Scotland, the second weekend in July marks the gathering of Scottish clans to revel in their heritage through numerous games of skill, strength, and artistry (including bagpipe competitions). If you have any Scottish or Celtic music, play it while you get ready to energize your whole day with Scathach’s perseverance. If you don’t have the music, for a similar effect find something to wear with a Scottish motif, like heather perfume, a plaid tie, things bearing the image of a thistle or sheep, or anything woolen.
To make a Scathach amulet to protect your home, car, or any personal possessions, begin with a piece of plaid cloth and put some dried heather in it (alternatively, put in several strands of woolen yarn). Tie this up and keep it where you believe her powers are most needed.
365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess


Wednesday Witchery

Be bold and daring today! Expand your knowledge of the Craft by working with the planetary energies of Mercury on this multifaceted day of the week. Consider the Greco-Roman gods Mercury and Hermes and all of the many lessons they have for you. Embrace change and movement, and work on your communication techniques. Conjure up a little good luck for yourself with that Mercury dime spell. Call on Athena to inspire you to try magickal arts and crafts and to be more creative in your own spellwork and witchery.

Meditate on Odin and see what you can discover about him. I wonder what sort of fabulous and fascinating magickal wisdom you will uncover? Odin is a shaman, after all; he may appear in many guises and faces. I guarantee that he will make you laugh at yourself before he is through with you, but you will learn. It’s up to you what you do with that knowledge. Will you let it shapeshift into wisdom?

Wednesday is the wild and wily day of the week, so try to go with the flow; don’t fight the quirky energies of the day. Most importantly, follow your heart, and always keep a good sense of humor, because of Wednesdays you will really need it.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week

Ellen Dugan


Magickal Days of the Week – Wednesday
Wednesday is named for Woden himself, although the Romans called it dies Mercurii. This is a day associated with the color purple, the planet Mercury, and the metal quicksilver – which is also called mercury. See a pattern here?
When it comes to deities… yes, Mercury! However, there are a few other gods associated with Wednesday, including Odin and Hermes, Athena, and Lugh. Gemstones like adventurine and agate come in handy as well, as do plants such as aspen trees, lilies, lavender and even ferns.
Business and job-related issues, communication, loss and debt, traveling, and journeys are all tied in to Wednesday. This is a good day to do a working to open up lines of communication – especially if your own actions are preventing you from being an effective speaker or listener. Go someplace new or return to an old favorite stomping ground, step up your game, and settle up your accounts.

The Witches Almanac for Wednesday, July 13

Wednesday (Mercury): The conscious mind, study, travel, divination, and wisdom.
Festival of the Three Cows (Spanish)
Waning Moon
The Waning Moon (from the Full Moon to the New) is a time for study, meditation, and little magical work (except magic designed to banish harmful energies).
Moon Phase: Second Quarter
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Scorpio: Increases awareness of psychic power. Precipitates psychic crises and ends connections thoroughly. People tend to brood and become secretive.
Incense: Bay laurel
Color: Brown
The Witches Correspondences for Wednesday, July 13
Dedicated to the Teutonic god Woden or Odin, an aspect of the “All-Father” god of knowledge wisdom enlightenment and combat, the parallel of Hermes.

Element : Air

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac Sign : Virgo / Gemini

Angel : Raphael

Metal : Mercury

Incense / Perfumes : Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea

Oil: Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalytus, Lavender

Color : Red, Orange, Light Blue

Stones : Bloodstone,Garnet, Aventurine, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite
Plants/Herbs : Almond, Anise, Cherry, Clover, Dandelion, Dill, Fern, Hazel, Hyssop, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lilac, Mace, Peppermint, Rosemary, Vervain

Magick to Work: the conscious mind, study, travel, divination, consulting oracles, wisdom, communication ,cleverness, contracts, creativity, information, intellect, memory, erception, science, wisdom, writing


Daily Magickal Applications for Wednesday

To the Romans, this day was called Dies Mercurii, or “Mercury’s day” Mercury was a popular character in the Roman pantheon. A messenger of the gods, he presided over commerce, trade, and anything that required skill or dexterity. The Celts also worshiped Mercury and eventually equated him with the Norse god Odin (some spelling variations on this name include Wotan, Wodin, and Wodan). In Norse mythologies, Odin, like Mercury, is associated with poetry and music.

Interestingly enough, both Odin and Mercury were regarded as psychopomps, or the leaders of souls, in their individual mythologies.
Odin, one of the main gods in Norse mythology, was constantly seeking wisdom. He traveled the world in disguise as a one-eyed man with a long gray beard, wearing an old, beat-up hat and carrying a staff or a spear (which brings to my mind images of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings). In the Old English language, this day of Mercury evolved into Wodnes daeg, “Woden’s day,” or Wednesday.
Wednesday carries all of the planetary and magickal energies and associations of the witty and nimble god Mercury himself. Some of these mercurial traits included good communication skills, cleverness, intelligence, creativity, business sense, writing, artistic talent, trickiness, and thievery. And don’t forget all of those wise and enigmatic qualities associated with the Norse god Odin/Wodin, not to mention the goddess Athena’s contributions of music, the arts, handmade crafts, and writing. Wednesdays afford excellent opportunities for seeking wisdom, changing your circumstances, and improving your skills, be they in trade and commerce, music and art, or in communication and writing.
Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan
To Cleanse Stones, Jewelry, and Small Altar Objects
Plastic zippered bags
Objects to be cleansed
Place your hands, palms down, over the objects and see current energies begin to lift and separate. Say something like:
Current ingrained energies
I conjure you to change with ease
In shape and form and neutralize
Until I can reenergize
You into that which works for me
As I will, so mote it be

Place the objects in the bags, zip them shut, and leave them in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator for twenty-four hours to eliminate old energies. Remove items from the freezer and charge for whatever you like.

Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Everyday Series) 

Dorothy Morrison
Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, July 13

It’s Mercury’s turn to move into your creative sector, dear Aries. Mercury will move through here relatively quickly – until July 30th. You can have some fun with mental exercises, adding more color and creativity to your communications, and enjoy sharing your ideas and creations with others during this cycle. Communication flows more naturally than usual now – for the most part, you are able to speak and write with few disclaimers. Others may recognize you for your wit or intelligence, and your powers of persuasion are improved now. You tend to speak from the heart. There can be the chance to teach, manage, oversee, or guide others. This is a strong transit for enjoyable conversations and creative ideas. Plans and projects made in recent months may require some adjustments and tweaks today, which can throw you off schedule but ultimately get you to a stronger place.


Today can be a relationship-oriented day for you, dear Taurus, although there can be some disconnects or adjustments to make before feeling like you’re truly moving forward. Mercury enters your family and home sector today (Venus moved into this part of your solar chart just yesterday). This transit that lasts until the 30th stimulates an introspective turn of mind. You’re likely to think and talk about personal and family matters more than usual now. There may be more activity, conversation, and animation on the home front now. It’s a generally good time for self-study, contemplation, generating ideas or plans for long-term security, and mental concentration or focus. You may not always feel understood, although you are less inclined to reach out and keep in touch with others outside of your familiar circle just for now.


Work and health matters can be in good form much of the day, dear Gemini, although you’re very likely to need to redo or iron out problem areas now. Flaws may appear in recent projects and this is a time for making needed adjustments. Try to be patient even if you don’t feel you’re moving ahead fast enough. Yesterday, Venus moved into your communications sector, and today, Mercury follows suit. This can be a good time for connecting, communicating, learning, and sharing. You could feel that you’re often expected to be on your toes or “on” much of the time, but you tend to enjoy this kind of busy-ness. There can be too many distractions to really focus on a particular area of study or interest, but this is a good cycle, lasting until the 30th, for diversifying and exploring your options.


Venus moved out of your sign yesterday and Mercury does the same today, dear Cancer, placing further emphasis on matters of comfort, security, and practicality. You can be especially practical and reasonable in your thinking during this cycle that lasts until the 30th, making it a good time to plan out business and financial moves. Communicating and word of mouth can be more critical to money making endeavors right now. It’s a good time for concentrating but not the best time for reaching out and sharing. You tend to consider fewer options when making decisions. Today brings matters of the heart to the fore, and while you can make some gains on creative and romantic levels, there can be some complications with plans. Loose ends may need tying. Changes of plans are likely.


Venus entered your sign yesterday and Mercury does so today, dear Leo. The Sun remains in your sector of endings until the 22nd, and you have more inner work to do. However, with Venus and Mercury emerging in your solar chart, you are certainly coming out of your shell, connecting with others more often, and sharing your ideas and affections more readily. This is a more decisive time. Mercury transits your sign until the 30th, and during this cycle, you are more personable, interested, and interesting. You can certainly be more communicative than you have been in recent weeks, and you’re more inclined to say what’s on your mind. Today, while there is certainly a desire to stick closer to home either literally or figuratively speaking, the call of the outside world is strong and there can be some restlessness to deal with. This can also be a time when recent plans seem to unravel a little, and adjustments are needed.


Mercury moves into your solar twelfth house today, dear Virgo. Venus just began her visit here yesterday, and this brings more introspective energy to your life for the coming weeks. Mercury’s transit lasts until the 30th and stimulates a need or desire to look at the world around you a little differently. You’re more contemplative – and less decisive. You need time to digest and process recent events and ideas. Your intuition plays a bigger role than usual in the decisions you do make. You’re less inclined to say what’s on your mind. There can be some challenges focusing and concentrating on mundane matters during this cycle, largely because you’re more interested in thinking about patterns, subtleties, and emotional matters. Today, there is a stronger emphasis on learning and communicating, but some distractions or feelings of unrest as you could feel that you’re in the dark about what’s truly going on. Plans or projects initiated in recent months may need some tweaks.


Recent plans, particularly along business or financial lines, may seem to come apart at the seams a little today, dear Libra, making this a time of adjustments and edits rather than pushing ahead. There could be difficulties seeing eye to eye with a partner temporarily. Things smooth out only after a fair amount of effort. Mercury enters your friendship sector today (Venus did the same yesterday), and will transit this area of your solar chart until the 30th. This is a good time for sharing ideas and your expertise with others. You’re more inclined to reach out to others for inspiration, and they’re more readily connecting with you as well. Ideas entertained now tend to be a little more unique or progressive than usual. Cooperation comes easily in group settings. You are also more inclined to think about pet causes and long-term goals and dreams during this period.


Mercury moves to the top of your solar chart today, dear Scorpio, following Venus’ lead. This brings further interest in, and attention to, your long-term goals and responsibilities. There can be more reason or desire to share your ideas or to communicate and mingle on professional or public levels during this cycle that lasts until the 30th. People tend to follow your advice now, and you are more inclined to speak with authority and more awareness of your “audience”. There may be some restlessness or excessive busy-ness with your work at times, but this is largely a good time for making executive decisions, being “heard”, and influencing others. Today, the Moon in your sign can bring your personal and emotional needs to the fore. However, with Mars in your sign forming an awkward angle with Uranus, not everything is likely to go as planned. Be prepared for a change of schedule.


Mercury moves into your adventure sector today, dear Sagittarius, following the lead of Venus who just arrived there yesterday. In a couple of days, Mercury and Venus will align, and thinking along the lines of education, belief systems, and personal philosophies can be especially rich. This is a strong time for exploring all-new ideas and topics. Your mind is open, but it needs some excitement and spontaneity to keep it engaged – no rote learning or routine for you right now! Mercury’s transit will last until the 30th, and during this cycle, you’re in a good position to be understood and acknowledged. You are more inclined to share your ideas and opinions. It’s also a good time for travel, education, studies, courses, and cultural activities. Today’s energies are a little tricky – while there can be a change in plans or schedules and this can be frustrating at first, you may end up feeling very much ahead if you use this time to make important tweaks.


Mercury moves into your intimacy sector today, dear Capricorn, following Venus’ lead. This brings more attention to, and interest in, the mysteries and subtleties of life. Your mind is investigative during this cycle that lasts until the 30th. You may very well learn a lot about inner motivations, behind the scenes activities, and secrets as you naturally read between the lines and seek out the deeper meaning of things. Conversations with a partner can be especially rewarding now. If you need to straighten out financial or ownership matters, or discuss trickier areas of relating, this can be a good time to do so. Today’s energies are friendly for the most, but there can be some changes of plans or little upsets that throw off some of your plans.


Mercury’s move into your partnership sector follows Venus’ entrance there yesterday, dear Aquarius, putting further emphasis on relating and companionship. Mercury will transit this area of your solar chart until the 30th, making it a good time to seek out feedback or advice, communicate with a partner or special friend, and collaborate with others on mental levels. You are more diplomatic during this period, but not necessarily very decisive, as you often see both sides of a situation. There can be significant debates, discussions, and interviews occurring more frequently at this time. You can be quite focused on pursuing goals and being productive today, but it’s unlikely that everything follows schedule. Prepare for interruptions and distractions, and focus on taking the necessary steps for getting back on track.


Venus moved into your sector of habits and health yesterday, dear Pisces, and Mercury does the same today. While Venus will spend time in this area of your solar chart until August 5th, Mercury will stay here until July 30th. This is a time for doing special thinking about physical wellness, positive lifestyle changes, work, and habits. You may be thinking and learning about new methods of improving your daily life during this cycle. It’s a generally good time for health appointments, skills development, and organizing your work area. Your attention to detail improves, but there can also be times when you’re a little too focused on flaws and failing to see the bigger picture. Watch for this, but otherwise take advantage of this period for getting yourself and your routines into shape.


Cafe Astrology


If You Were Born Today, July 13

You are attractive, steady, and a little intimidating. Many of you are likeable from a distance and difficult to get to know, but very friendly once others know you. Your sense of humor is quirky – you have a strong sense of the ridiculous or absurd. You always have a good argument and often a great comeback. You are ambitious and motivated, and have a feel for the right path towards success. You might often be attracted to people you can’t have in love, but you do seek out long-term partnership.

Famous people born today: Patrick Stewart, Harrison Ford, Cameron Crowe, Ashley Scott, Cheech Marin, Fran Kranz.


Cafe Astrology


Lady A’s Tarot Card Reading for July 13 – The Lovers

The Lovers indicates both the most powerful of unions and the most of challenging conflicts humans must face. On one side The Lovers’ embodies love and union on a cosmic scale—a love so strong, so inherently good that it actually makes the lovers better, more than they really are. All of the elements are there for the perfect union. The Lovers represent all powerful unions in general, and the elements that create/sustain them. The problem The Lovers face is temptation and the decision to act morally or abandon their ethics to take advantage of other opportunities that would be defined as transgressions.



Lady A’s Rune for July 13 is Hagalaz

Hagalaz is the hail Rune. It denotes chaos, destruction and disruption on a primal level. You may experience delays in moving toward your goals.



The casting of spells is old and a very basic aspect of paganism. Like more formal ceremonial rituals, spells serve to focus the mind and the will on the magical task to be accomplished. One can go through all of the motions of a complex spell but lack the requisite ability to direct the natural forces and the spell will be useless. This may be a good thing in view of the proliferation of books on the market today telling us how to cast spells to achieve all manner of cosmic and earthly goodies. Some of these spells are being published here not because they necessarily get good results, but merely because they are entertaining to read. Some of them, particularly the love spells, are better read and left unpracticed because of their attempts to influence the consciousness of another person. If one wants to do a love spell and not violate any ethical standards, rather than trying to attract a particular person, it is better to project an image of the one’s self attractive to various members of the opposite sex.

The spells presented here pertain largely to Earth and Earthly matters. Other spells shall be presented in subsequent volumes.


A Book of Pagan Rituals

Herman Slater


For Good Fortune

Take a little red bag and sew it with red woolen thread. Then take a crumb of bread, salt, a sprig of rue, and some cummin —

This bag I sew for luck for you,

And also for my family,

That it may keep by night and day,

Troubles and illness far away


Ancient Gypsy Love Spell

This enchantment is best used to win a man who has not requited the feeling of love which the lady holds for him.

In a red vase or pot, plant a small ivy leaf (the ivy carries the idea of constant, ever-growing and reviving love). As the plant is watered, repeat this spell, with eyes closed:
As this shrub grows
And as its leaf blows,
Let his love arise for me.
Thereafter, nurture the plant carefully. If it grows well for you, you will gain the one you love.


Sand Ritual Love Spell

In a box of sand trace the initials of your would-be lover’s name in large letters and then, directly over them, your own. Infuse the sand with magic by leaning over and kissing the initials (a kiss is a very potent thing). Then, gather some of the sand of the initials and place it in a small vial. The next time you see your hoped-for admirer, sprinkle some of this sand in his hair (make sure that he is unaware of your actions). The force of this spell would work on his mind and bring him to your side.


Dragon Blood Spell (Voodoo Folklore)

Dragon Blood is the name of a red extract (gum resin) from a tree native to the Malay Archipelago. In solid stick form it is carried on the person for luck. To get rid of curses, hexes, and crossed conditions, it is burned in powder form at midnight for seven nights. This is done near an open window.


A Book of Pagan Rituals

Herman Slater


Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Spirituality 365 Days A Year for July 13

Highland Games

The Highland Games gained great popularity with the patronage from Queen Victoria in 1848 and have continued ever since. The most spectacular event of the games is the opening march of kilted, bonneted, and sword-wielding clansman, led by the chief of the local clan and followed by a show of bagpipers.
Athletic events usually include hurdle and running races; putting the stone (throwing the 56-pound weight); throwing the hammer (an iron ball on a chain); and, the most noteworthy of all challenges tossing the caber (a 19-feet-long, 120 -pound pole). More than 70 sets of Highland Games are currently held between Midsummer and September, most of which takes place in the Highlands.
365 Days of Meditations on the Goddess
Day 16
The body and mind are separate in terms of themselves, but one in terms of the Goddess, for she is the reality of all things. Reflect on this today.
365 Days of Meditations on the Goddess
Mata Enzer
We pray to the great Spiritual Power in which
we live and move and have our being.
We pray that we may at all times
keep our minds open to new ideas and shun dogma;
that we may grow in our understanding of the nature of all living beings
and our connectedness with the natural world;
that we may become ever more filled with
generosity of spirit and true compassion and love for all life;
that we may strive to heal the hurts that we have inflicted on nature
and control our greed for material things, knowing that our actions are harming our natural world and the future of our children;
that we may value each and every human being
for who he is, for who she is, reaching to the spirit that is within,
knowing the power of each individual to change the world.
—Jane Goodall


Distributed Daily By Witches Of The Craft
“Witchcraft for the 21st Century”

101 Essential Oil Uses – Skin & Beauty

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Essential oil uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care, and natural medicine treatments.

The particles in essential oils come from distilling or extracting the different parts of plants, including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin and peels. In ancient times, Jews and Egyptians made essential oils by soaking the plants in oil and then filtering the oil through a linen bag.

Essential oil benefits come from their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These healing oils are rapidly growing in popularity because they act as natural medicine without any side effects. Ready to harness the power of the world’s most proven therapeutic compounds? In this list, Dr. Axe talks about 101 ways to use these amazing essential oils.

For Skin, Complexion, and Facial Care

oils for skin!

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