Just A Note…..

In case you are wondering, we are moving super slow because of our Internet Provider Service. We had a hard time getting connected, now we are having a hard time staying on. That is another reason we wanted to have the fund raiser so we could afford to go back to Comcast. It seemed they were the only ones that could provide us with the speed we need to provide you with the service you deserve. But anyway, if we do a vanishing act, you know why, a lousy ISP!


Oh, did you know we added a new item to the raffled? Still plenty of time to get in on. So take a look….

Got to go while we still have a connection,

Love ya,

Lady A

One thought on “Just A Note…..

  1. I lose connection with Comcast often. I wish I could go with another provider but all we have is AT&T which is even worse in this area.

    Good luck!


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