I Want To Ask You A Question….

As you well know, my life for the last two weeks has been a total disaster. I was going to take today off to rest and just basically try to forget everything that has happened. First, my baby passed, next the micro-burst occurred which blew out the windows in my office and finally I lost my tree. I know to the average run-of-the-mill person this would seem like any great tragedy but to a witch it is.


Kiki is buried out in the back under a shade tree. I thought for a while that perhaps this was way to soon after her death to get another Pom. I was out there the other night and started crying. This is the honest to goodness truth, I heard a voice through all my tears and sobbing. The voice told me, “You have way too much love to give, give that love to another animal and make it yours. Kiki is fine, she is happy & content and she wants you to love again. She knows that you loved her more than anything on this planet. But she said she has moved on so must you.” A don’t know where the voice came from but around here, strange things happen all the time. So a voice is nothing unusual.


My question to you is: Do any of you breed Pomeranians? Do you know of one that does? It doesn’t have to be in this area, I would glad travel to come and pick the pup up and pay for any re-homing fees? It would have a wonderful home and a witch that has a lot of love to give. If you can help me in anyway, please let me know. You can email me at witches_of_the_craft@outlook.com.

Thank you,

Much love,

Lady A

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  1. Dear Lady A, in case any of your good friends would like to adopt a golden retriever . please let me know. Big hug


  2. Dear Lady A, why to make the breeders earn Money while so many pomerians are strays and left behind everyday by their owners at horrible kill shelters. There are soo many pomerenian rescues in US and Kiki would love it. You can even adopt 2 ( a young & an old one) because at the moment there is an urgency of 12 years old pomerenian left out with its sister Paris( another terrier breed) by their owners . 12 years imagine:(((((( They are in NY . Pom’s Name Chubby id:A1079582 helpdogs@urgentpodr.org Chubby just looks like Kiki……….


  3. Hi Lady A,

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Have you tried, or do you know of Petfinder? It is super easy, you can type in your specifications as to what kind of pet you’d like, and they will provide notice of adoptable pets all over the U.S. I got my beloved Jasper (black cat) through them 🙂 Here is the link:

    Hope it works out, and bright blessings to you 🙂


  4. Dear Lady A, I’m not sure if you would be interested in this but here a two links for Pomeranian Rescue Groups in Kentucky, these are usually animals that for one reason or another have been abandons, I have rescued over 20, dogs, mostly pits and labs, and recently lost two of my babies, I can tell you they know you’ve rescued then, and the love and loyalty they give is something else…

    1, Pomeranian Rescue Shelter.com>Kentucky

    2, Facebook Pomeranian rescue me.org

    And, no I don’t think it’s to soon to get another baby, the right time is when you feel it’s right, and everyone is different. My female was Pit/Chow mix, which made some people nervous, because both breeds can be aggressive, she was wonderful, my male was Lab/ Char Pai mix they both were always by my side, and I feel them with me daily.. I hope you find a new baby soon, good luck, and once again I an deeply sorry for your loss..


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    1. My dearest .. I too had a pom that I loved very much. Ricco Suave’ was his name. Perhaps asking the Goddess Diana to a good shelter for a rescue? I know loosing our furry babies is most difficult. However, look to the omens that have just passed, what are they telling you?


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