I Honestly Don’t Believe This……

Tornado headed our way!

6 thoughts on “I Honestly Don’t Believe This……

    1. I came in early and my office is a total mess. So I shut the door and said the hell with it, it ain’t going anywhere. I do have to call the insurance company again. These people are going to love hearing from me again. I hollered for everyone else to hit the basement. Razzy and me were the last ones upstairs when the micro-burst hit. So we hit the doorway and I can guarantee you I did a lot of praying. Tornadoes, I can handle. Micro-burst, that was the first for me and I believe they are actually worse than a tornado. The people around here told me 20 years ago, a micro-burst happened on this very spot, strange, huh? But everyone is fine, except the tree. I appreciate you asking. I have to say yesterday was a day I won’t soon forget. Got to run for now,
      Love ya,


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