Magic – Making

Magic – Making

Author: witchskel

I was like most young people; I rebelled. I ventured forth into the world at the tender age of fourteen. I wanted to experience life so I just went out and lived it. I had a variety of survival jobs, which included dishwasher, hotel maid, mover and waitress. I enjoyed my years grooming horses. I enrolled twice to secondary school attempting to receive my high school diploma.

My past was really tough. I have had positive and negative experiences in life. No human is perfect. I made mistakes. Close friendships, long-term companions, and committed relationships are where most of my education took place. I experienced a series of broken agreements, dishonesty, not staying true to commitments. In return, I gained a great deal of distrust for people. I expected the worst. My anger became a hindrance and very detrimental to my whole being.

My constant support was my family. My mom and dad have always been there for me.

I moved home to the farm where I had a good support system after sampling many of life’s pitfalls. I wanted to control my anger. Witchcraft captured my interest. The Earth faith is the belief that the universe is a giant web, on which every person, animal, plant, tree and object holds a thread of energy connected to every other thread. To believe in magic one knows that like produces like and things that once had been in contact will always continue to have a connection. Things that have a common quality, ever quickly seek their kind.

Reading Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura and a series of Witchcraft books by Laurie Cabot I learned the basics. I explored the fine art of spell casting during the Sabbats, Esbats, and other rituals attuned to the cycles of nature. I discovered planning is important to the process and outcome. One’s success depends a great deal on one’s effort to change. Being given copies of both sides of my family tree, I learned I am descended from Celtic ancestry.

I am a witch. Descended from women of Europe being a witch and witchcraft is my heritage. I’m often asked what does a witch practitioner do. There is no single approach to witchcraft. I can’t speak for anyone but myself. The main ancient formulae guidelines in magic are followed: An herb, a flower and a tree make three.

I walked out into the open field during the Sun’s cycles – the Sabbats, the changing of season and Moon Phases – the Esbats, the Full Moon rites and New Moon to acknowledge the earth’s changing seasons and cast spells for me to be better to myself and others – to be conscious of my choices and outcomes. I never request for material things. I drew a protective circle on to the earth with flower petals, feathers, salt or stones. I faced each direction, beginning in the east, moving clockwise I lift my voice to call the Spirit of East, South, West and North. Inside sacred space with the use of herbs, candles and other natural ingredients that have a common quality (to apply like energy will attract like energy) .

I applied witches’ spells to help accept my past choices, to find peace and my place in the world. I asked Spirit that what I willed be correct and for the good of all. I remained in the center of the sacred ring and talked openly to Spirit for guidance or meditated – listened for an answer. I closed the circle by circling around counter clockwise, drawing the energy inward and saying: “The circle is undone but not broken”.

On my way home, I’d look for either negative or positive support from nature. If a Blue Jay appeared or if I heard the bird’s song I knew I had the resourcefulness and adaptability to accomplish that which I set out to accomplish that which I set out to change. If I tripped over a Blue Jay’s blue, black, and white feather, there would be surprises in love, the unexpected. If a gust of soft wind suddenly blew, this meant for me to favor love – use the emotion to achieve harmony. The west wind would tell me to be confident to restore hope; the east wind I would need to be patient; the north I had gained wisdom – use my intuition.

Casting a sacred circle, spell casting and reading signs in nature, I stayed aware of the person I wanted to be and the direction I would like my life to take. In my daily life, I became conscious of my words and of my deeds and how they affected others and myself.

I pursued information from books. I studied a lot of literature, magical books of instruction, fragments of history, traditions, legends and formulas for conjuration. Of all trees, the oak tree is one of the most powerful and sacred reputations. Furthermore, it is extremely good fortune to find one struck by lightning.

Both the Druids and the Hebrew race felt the oak was a sacred tree to perform magical rights – prayers with responses under it. The mighty and sacred oak tree is known as the Grandfather tree and is a great place for magic making (open door, go down into the earth) . In a remote location, an oak tree of immense age made itself known to me. I cast a circle around mighty tree, lit incense for good psychic atmosphere, and then sat center of four trunks growing upward as one. Within sacred space I talked to my grandfather’s spirit, my guide, to find confidence, conquer fear, and to become more secure with self and the direction I would like my life to take. Spirit made contact in many ways. During meditation, visions appeared like a movie or magical symbols to foretell the future. Sometimes it was a clear image, other times a voice unlike my own. I came to expect whatever I needed — not wanted but needed — would surely gravitate to me.

My heart and head became open to the synchronicities, the small coincidences that were placed in the right place at the right time to change my attitude and life for the better. Dedicated to Spirit who is an advisor and Otherworld Guide, I withdrew from society to live closer to my family, friends and nature. Most of my family allows me the freedom of choice without criticism. Most are quite supportive when at dawn or dusk, new or full moon, I can be found outside with candles and/or incense.

Reading witchcraft literature and practicing out in the open field beliefs, customs and traditions I’ve learned to accept people for who they are or attempt to right the wrong. I’m not pushed or agitated by the whims of others for a long period of time.

Tuning into the seasonal activities connects one with the wheel of life. Life is continuously changing, evolving, dying, and re-born. Winter is fading and releasing the emptiness. Spring has sprung; seeds begin to stir beneath the soil, and soon will begin to open to become solid forms. If you have been kicking around the idea you would like to know more about practical earth magic to allow physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual expansion head to your local new or used book store.

Risking an overload of information in the witchcraft or spiritualism sections take a quick survey of the array of titles. Close your eyes and relax. With your left-hand allow your fingertips to float across each spine in the row of books on the shelf, out loud or to yourself saying: “Come forward allow me to thrive by uniting your knowledge. Allow your intuition to pick out what books contain the information you need.”

If there are many books on more shelves, one by one perform the process. Look for the connection in the book you chose. Take time reflecting on the content. Read; uncover the secret knowledge for yourself – “Truth in our hearts, Strength in our hands, Consistency in our thoughts”. Doing this you perform a valuable act of personal magic. It will put you in touch with your inner self.

The magical books of instruction, fragments of history, traditions, legends and formulas for conjuration might transform your way of thinking and your way of living.

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