How to Use Essential Oils eBook review

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Wow, it looks like we have gotten a couple of reviews from different people on our new eBook on “How to Use Essential Oils – a Beginner’s Guide + Practical Tips”.

This two-part series is a comprehensive go-over of what essential oils are, how we make them/how they are derived from plants, and what you can do with them to better improve your life.  Whether it is skin care, weight loss, arthritis, headaches, indigestion, etc.  essential oils can help a lot in these areas.  They are primarily a preventative means, but it’s not like they don’t have the potency to mitigate a number of conditions.

The eBook also gives some great recipes and special blend formulas.

Check it out, and see these ebook reviews here!

For the How to Use Essential Oils eBook, click each part below (note: we will have to verify you are human but otherwise it is FREE for anyone to keep).

How to Use Essential Oils – a Beginner’s Guide part 1

How to Use Essential Oils – Practical Tips part 2


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7 thoughts on “How to Use Essential Oils eBook review

  1. I would like to thank the makers of this site. It is great to have a resource with real enlightened individuals and real advice. As opposed to the Hollywood nonsense or the babblings of hysterically religious zealots. Zealots that will profess and preach fear and superstitions from the dark ages. They often portray witches as hideous deformed creatures bent on evil at all costs. They demand virgin sacrifices and engage in in pedophilia and cannibalism. Yes, there are some evils morons that may engage in this. Fools that seek youth, power, fortune etc.. via these means. But they are stupid. There is a higher power that you can not hide your sins from, nor can whose jugdement can be corrupted or bought.


    1. Glad you are really appreciating the community and information we have here Daniel,

      On behalf of myself and other authors on this blog, we are here to encourage real portrayals being brought to light and respect for each others individuality and beliefs.

      In love and light,


  2. I was very upset because I had to submit to surveys and such before it would let me get to download book. I ended it because I do not want anything they offered.


    1. Hey Karen,

      I am sorry you were not liking that verification lock on the e-book I have. I know I tried to warn that people would have to answer questions to prove they are not “automatic robots” trying to download content and then mass produce it elsewhere, but it isn’t pleasant, I get that. I’ll see if I can’t make the required steps to unlocking a bit easier. I thought taking 1 survey wouldn’t be so bad. Now, I made sure you wouldn’t have to take anything offered unless you wanted it (those are supposed to be optional), but let me look into to make sure.
      In the meantime, I’ll send over the ebook to you right now!
      Thanks for telling me,


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