Next Year Has To Be Better Than This Year, Please Goddess!

I decided to take a quick break and just talk. Oh, don’t worry it won’t be a mile long conversation, I promise.

This year has been very challenging for some of us. We have lost people we love, sicknesses, the fire burning down the building and I am sure I am missing others. Because I don’t know how many times I have had a cast on or a brace. Hey what can I say, I am clumsy, lol!

You don’t know but here recently we have been getting a lot of email from mainstream religious full of hate, bitterness and no tolerance at all for anyone. It is there way or the highway. You can imagine which path I took.

I have to admit the emails did get to me. I can never understand why people have to be so cruel. Then I think I must have had a cosmic slap. That slap made me understand something, we are doing something right. After everything we have endured physically and emotionally, now the emails. Putting it all together we are starting to have an impact on main stream religions. Which I think if fantastic. I want every witch on this planet to be able to walk down main street with her head held high. And when asked what she does, she can say proudly, “I AM A WITCH.”

But we still have a ways to go, it is nice to know that they feel us coming. Now for what I really intended to write this note for. In case you are wondering why we are running slow today, is because we are posting in two sites, here and Coven Life. I am sure you have already heard the news about her. Please, I beg you to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. The other reason I am running slow is because of an idiot contractor.  The idoit put up a wall that was never there to start with. Then he is going to argue with me that it was there the whole time. Good grief! Does this man not know how many times we have been in that building. You would think he would have a copy of the blueprints, WRONG! Work has stopped and we are waiting for the blueprints to drive up. I tell you if they were pouring cement, that man might come up missing (but I didn’t say that, lol).

I hope everyone has a fantastic celebration tonight,

Just be careful,

and we will see you back here tomorrow.


Lady A & The WOTC Team