Your Weekend Love Horoscopes for December 4 – 6 Weekend Love Horoscope





Weekend Love Horoscope

December 4-6: Intense love


The Moon will be in relationship-oriented Libra all weekend, helping to nurture all kinds of partnership activities. But before you think you and your sweetie are in the clear for sunny skies all weekend, keep reading.

The main event this weekend has to do with love planet Venus. She’ll move into magnetic and mysterious Scorpio on Friday, setting the stage for romance to become deeper and more passionate than usual.

The building square between Mars and Pluto (exact Sunday) might heat things up more than you or your lover bargained for. Jealousy, possessiveness, control and even obsession are all possible outcomes with this astrological line up. One thing’s for sure — this weekend there will be nothing superficial about love! is a Daily Insight Group Site