The Daily Motivator for December 3rd – Giving kindness

Giving kindness

by Ralph Marston

Giving kindness feels better than just about anything you could get. Giving kindness improves the world, and you can do it any time you choose.

When you become outraged by negativity, then negativity has won. Instead, become kinder, more tolerant, understanding and compassionate.

Make kindness a key part of whatever you say. Include genuine kindness in whatever you do.

Boasting and self-centeredness are quickly forgotten, if they are even noticed in the first place. Kindness is long remembered and deeply appreciated.

Kindness is a sure sign of strength. Exercise your strength with kindness and you grow even stronger.

The world can always benefit from more kindness. Give it some more, every chance you get.

© 2015 Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
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