Wishing Each & Everyone of You A Very, Happy & Blessed….


For all us above the equator!

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And For Those Below The Equator,


Ostara Comments

I have several witches from down under say I forget they celebrate their Sabbats just as we do. They always remind me I keep forgetting this, hmm! Can’t say that this time! You lucky witches, you’re going into Spring & Summer and we’re going into Fall and Winter. Anyone want a house guest for a few months, lol!


No matter which Sabbat you are celebrating,
Have a very blessed day, my sweets,
Love ya,

Lady A

3 thoughts on “Wishing Each & Everyone of You A Very, Happy & Blessed….

  1. I wish you a Blessed Mabon, may you enjoy your celebrations. Many thanks for all the wonderful Ostara information.
    My apologies for being a day late, I was having my cancer check up. I got another ‘all clear’ yeh.


    1. You are more than welcome, hun. I was wondering if I was a day late on it or not. I can’t never remember the time difference between us even though you have explained it to me a thousand times, lol! Better yet, it is wonderful to hear the news on your cancer check up. Great news! I am so glad to hear it. Definitely wonderful news to receive on Ostara. Take care, my dear sister.
      Wishing you a belated happy & blessed Ostara (you, lucky witch)!
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


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