Laid my Mom’s Body to Rest Today

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Now that my mom’s body I’d laid to rest next to my dad’s I will be back to posting Friday. I was able to honor and include my father in the ceremonies today.

Thank you all for your kind words, love, comfort and support through out the last month. They really helped me through it. At times when I was the saddest I would go back and read what you and Lady of the Abyss had written. Then I found the strength to make it through the next few hours.

Love and blessed be,

Lady Beltane

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8 thoughts on “Laid my Mom’s Body to Rest Today

  1. Dear Lady Beltane,
    I am so sorry for your loss and as I read your Eulogy just now on your blog about your Mum but couldn’t post my reply on there below it?
    Your parents are together now and at peace surrounded in love in the Summerlands.
    I also literally felt all the emotion and love that you have for your Mother in your writing. She sounds like a very strong and loving Mother indeed.
    I have no doubt that now she is happy and at peace in the Summerlands.
    I’m sorry for my late reply, I feel very bad about this as I’ve been very busy myself in the last month with family matters. Especially looking after my grandchildren which I find quite exhausting.
    However yours is the first blog Ive checked out as I knew that you were going through such a really hard time.
    I’m so glad that your Mother died with dignity and that you had the blessing of the opportunity to say goodbye to her before her soul left this mortal realm. As you know she will always live on and that she’s now together with your Father and that she is truly blessed to have a daughter like you!
    I hope that your doing ok now Lady Beltane although I know that isn’t an easy task at this time. Losing any parent must be an incredibly hard experience to go through and as my parents are both still alive, I find it hard to even contemplate. Yet as we are all mortal beings I know that this is something that I will have to go face one day myself. I hope that I will be lucky enough to say Goodbye to them as you were with your Mother.
    You have my sincere sympathies Lady Beltane. You sound like such a strong woman.
    Many Healing Blessings to you,
    Love CazWytch. xo


  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. At least your parents are together again. Take comfort that they are not really gone, but watching over you still. Hugs.


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