Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, July 24th




Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, July 24th


Aries Horoscope

The Sun and Mercury are in a fellow Fire sign, dear Aries, and these positions tend to strengthen your confidence and increase the desire to make connections, express yourself, and enjoy life. Your romantic and/or creative nature is strongly stimulated now. Venus, which rules values, love, and resources in a general sense, and partnerships and money for you more specifically, is turning retrograde tomorrow. This points to a period of review of any or all of these things as you reassess whether or not your needs are being met. You may turn to the past in order to better understand the present, but because you may feel a little stuck there, it is not the best time for pushing forward with new plans. Uranus, in your sign for some time, is also about to turn retrograde. Both energies are strong now, but as you adjust to the change of direction, you may not be seeing things clearly. The next few days are better for taking in than taking definite action.



With both the Sun and Mercury now traveling through your home and family sector, dear Taurus, the more focused and relaxed pace tends to become you. Indeed, you are often quite happy dealing with your domestic chores and surrounding yourself with familiar people and things. Even so, there are times when you may feel under the radar or not fully understood by the rest of the world. Even so, you may very well choose to work harder at finding peace with those closest to you. With Venus about to turn retrograde and soon enough re-entering this same sector of your chart, you are likely to reconsider recent moves, relationships, and events as you get into better touch with what it is that you need and want, particularly from family and home life.



The Sun and Mercury cycles that you’ve recently begun are good for branching you out a little more, communicating, and making connections, dear Gemini. You’re likely to be running more errands than usual, moving about physically and mentally, managing your daily life more effectively, and communicating with people more frequently. You may be craving changes of scenery more often now. Venus and Uranus are moving towards retrograde stations, making the next few days a little confusing. However, their retrograde cycles are good for getting into closer touch with your desires, needs, and values. During this transition period, try to hold off on important conversations and decisions if possible. Wait until perceptions are clearer.



The Sun transits your solar second house until August 23rd and Mercury transits this same sector of your chart until August 7th, dear Cancer. Money and possessions can assume more importance in your life in the coming weeks, and so can matters of comfort, sensual enjoyment, and activities that remind you of the simple pleasures in life. While life is settling down a little, you tend to be looking around you, accounting for what you have and what you may need, so that if you feel wanting, you’re more likely to want to fill the gap. It’s a good time for taking charge of money, and care of your possessions. Venus is reaching a station, as it will turn retrograde tomorrow. Uranus will station the following day, so that perceptions can be a little askew just for now. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Today is strong, however, for imagination and creative pursuits.



The Sun is in your sign until August 23rd and Mercury is in Leo as well, until August 7th, dear Leo. Venus will return to your sign on July 31st through retrograde motion. There is a lot of attention on you now! You are in the spotlight, not necessarily for what you do or what you have accomplished, but for who you are. You are projecting more strength and people take notice. Venus turns retrograde tomorrow, and then re-enters your sign for the remainder of its retrograde starting July 31st and running until September 26th, and this can point to a period of some introspection and a re-examination of what and who you value. Today and the next two days are days of shifting, and this can mean some confusion about these things until you get into the swing of things. As such, it’s probably better to delay important decisions.



More time set aside for rest, introspection, healing, and meditation may be necessary with the Sun in your privacy sector until August 23rd, Mercury in the same sector of your solar chart until August 7th, and tomorrow’s retrograde turn of Venus in your sign. You are more naturally inclined to pull back a little from situations that are excessively demanding or competitive. You are not as quick to talk of your plans or to make definite decisions. While Venus’ retrograde cycle lasts from tomorrow until September 6th, it will occur for the most part in the sign of Leo, even though it begins in your sign. This can point to a false start of sorts for some of you, particularly related to relationships or money matters. Today and the next couple of days can be a little disorienting if things are moving too fast, and there could be some miscommunications to deal with as a result.



Your need to be with others or to feel part of a community or network is stronger now with the Sun in your friendship sector until August 23rd and Mercury in the same sector of your solar chart until August 7th, dear Libra. New ideas for the future might be hatched during this cycle. They’re still very fresh, and some might be scrapped later, but there is a birthing process of sorts going on right now. While today is strong for imagination and creation, there can be some confused signals occurring with both Venus and Uranus moving towards their retrograde stations. Both of these affect your relationships, and because Venus is your ruler, you can also be feeling a bit torn between wanting company and needing some time to sort things through. Take your time on decisions during these shift days as you learn to accustom yourself to the strong energy for review and examination, as you’ll have a lot to learn over the coming weeks about your needs and wants.



In the coming weeks, your major focus turns to professional matters, ambitions, material and social success, and your reputation, dear Scorpio. Depending on your current position in life, this can be about your long-term goals and general plans for your life. Performance and responsibilities come into stronger focus, and you’re bound to find that you are more accountable for the things you do and don’t do. There can be increased mental activity and communications to and about your goals. Others take special note of what you have to say. There is strong energy for creative and romantic feelings. However, with Venus and Uranus both approaching their retrograde stations, much can be left up in the air for now. Their retrograde cycles are strong for reacquainting yourself with your needs, wants, and desires, but the shift can be disorienting, so avoid major decisions just for now.



In the coming weeks, there is a stronger focus on exploring, enjoying, and experiencing life than there has been in recent times, dear Sagittarius, and you definitely need it! The Sun is transiting your adventure sector until August 23rd, and Mercury is in the same house of your solar chart until August 7th, and these influences tend to be like a pick-me-up. You are a little happier, more confident, and a touch braver as well. Venus is about to turn retrograde and Uranus will soon follow. This can point to a few days of transition energy, which can be a little confusing, but only until you acclimatize to the changes of direction. In fact, the period ahead is good for getting to the heart of a relationship matter, and even more importantly, what you truly value and need for yourself.



With the Sun now shining its light on some of the things that are typically hidden from view, dear Capricorn, and Mercury in the same sector of your chart as well, you are bound to learn a lot about your inner motivations, and about the world around you. You are less concerned with being heard and understood than you are interested in understanding the workings of people and situations around you at a deeper level. Soon, Venus will return to this sector of your chart as well, but this time in retrograde motion, making it an especially important time for exploring some of your own fears or negative attitudes. It will also be a time for reviewing financial matters, particularly those shared with a partner and money or resources that come in as a form of support.



The Sun and Mercury are now pulling your attention to close relationships, dear Aquarius, and the recent strong focus on work and routines lifts. Even though these are still important things to you, they are no longer on the front burner. Adjusting yourself to social situations, to others’ agendas, and to your personal environment is a bigger concern now. Self-expression through your relationships is important now. You might seek out others for their moral support. Even if you don’t end up following advice, you’re likely to enjoy hearing other points of view before coming to a conclusion. Venus is approaching a retrograde station, and so is your ruler, Uranus. This makes the coming few days a short period of transition as you get yourself accustomed to the changes of direction, but the retrograde periods themselves are cycles of review. You can find yourself examining the past in order to better understand your present needs.



With the Sun and Mercury in your solar sixth house, until August 23rd and August 7th respectively, you can experience renewed energy and motivation for work and routines, dear Pisces. Venus will return to this sector of your chart on July 31st, this time in retrograde motion, adding even more emphasis to these areas of life. Take every opportunity that arises to work on greater self-awareness, improvement of self-care and health programs, and dealing with detail work. You are more aware of your limits, and your focus is largely on correcting details and solving problems. Try to avoid the more negative side of these influences, which involves fretting or stressing over less important things and failing to see the bigger picture. Today brings beautiful energy for creating something special and unique, even if these are only in the idea stages.