We hate to close up show early but……

As some of you probably remember, I had a major disaster in one of my bathrooms. I had a contractor that was suppose to do the work. But due to the flooding in our area, he backed out on me at the last minute. He wanted to get rich quick on FEMA money.

Today, everything has come together so quickly my head is spinning. I have a new contractor and he is going to start work tomorrow. So I have to run the insurance check to the bank. I also have to pick out new vinyl tile and a new vanity for the bathroom. It has to be here by Sunday. So I have to get my happy little rump up and get busy. I would pretend to bitch but who would I be kidding, lol! I love to shop. I hadn’t had a chance to actually do it and enjoy doing it for quite some time (having to watch every dime I spend). I swear I won’t go crazy but I will definitely enjoy this spending spree.


Wish me good luck and happy shopping and we are off!

Till tomorrow…..

Love ya,

Lady A

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