Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for July 2015

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Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for July 2015

Mon. 7/20 Particular Virgo Moon helps scrub up the surroundings.

Tue. 7/21 Justice loving Libra Moon leads us to the right choices. Sun/Saturn enhances long term planning.

Wed. 7/22 Artistic Libra Moon suggests rearranging for harmony. Sun into Leo expands our hearts.

Thu. 7/23 Arbitrating Libra Moon brings out fair mindedness. Mercury enters Leo enhancing romantic communication. Sun/Mercury speeds our words.

Fri. 7/24 Passionate Scorpio Moon heightens feelings today.

Sat. 7/25 Intense Scorpio Moon suggests a tight rein on feelings especially with Venus turning retrograde and a strong Mars/Uranus aspect. Watch out!

Sun. 7/26 Adventuresome Sagittarius Moon is enhanced by Uranus turning retrograde. Almost anything could happen.

Mon. 7/27 Philosophical Sagittarius Moon helps us cope.

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