Goal or Purpose of Magick

Goal or Purpose of Magick


Drawing: to bring something (money, love; health, new job, etc.)

Repelling/Banishing/Exorcising: to cast something away(something unwanted; repel negative energies, banish poverty; unemployment; exorcise depression-inducing energies; aid spirits to pass on to next world).

Containment/Deflection/Reflection: to place limitations.

– shielding; to protect from incoming negativity

– confining; to restrict negativity to its source.

– dispersing; to dissipate incoming negative energies.

– turning; to return to sender deliberate negative energy.

Retain the Rules of Conduct or the Witches’ Rede:

– NEVER, EVER, casts magick against another witch.

– never initiate negative magick towards another.

– self-defense is acceptable as prevention, disbursement, or returning, for people are responsible for their own action.