Various Magickal Lamp Recipes

Various Magickal Lamp Recipes



The Health Lamp

This lamp, as with all other lamps, will contain a universal fluid mixture plus a magnet, a personal object from the person the lamp is for, or their name written on parchment paper cut in the form of a cross. You will place this at the bottom of your lamp and pour your fuel over this and the magnet. Since this lamp is being made for health, we will add the following: one Bottle Of Health Attracting Oil, and one half teaspoon of the following herbs: heal-all, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc. (a combination of five different healing herbs or four herbs and five-finger grass). The prayer used is directed to Our Lady Of Lourdes(used by the French) or St. Joseph (used by the Italians).

To correctly use the lamp, the flame must not be extinguished once it is lit, and as you say your prayers and state your desire, you must shake the lamp in a clockwise direction to get the ingredient in the lamp moving in a clockwise direction. Again this must be done daily and at the same time each day until satisfied.

Remember you can substitute your own prayers instead of using the ones stated here.



The Love Lamp

To your basic fuel add the following: one bottle of Love Oil, five herbs associated with love or four herbs and some five-finger grass. Use a prayer to Saint Anne.

(Your own personal prayers can be substituted.)

The Justice Lamp

Good for court cases and legal matters. Add the following: galangal root, yellow dock, snake root, carnation and five-finger grass, one bottle of Friendly Judge Oil

Say a prayer to St. Basil.

The Success Lamp

To this lamp add the following: one bottle Success Oil and five herbs associated with success, or four herbs and five-fingers grass. A prayer to St. Anthony is used here.

The Protection Lamp

Add one bottle of Protection Oil and five herbs of protective qualities or four herbs and five-finger grass. Pray to the Guardian Angel, St. Michael or St. Barbara.

The Quick Help Lamp

Add one bottle of Lucky Life Oil and five herbs associated with success or four herbs and five-finger grass. St. Expedite is who you would pray for assistance from.

The Peaceful Home Lamp

Add Baume du commandeur, one bottle of Peaceful Home Oil, passion flower, honey, mistletoe, jasmine flowers, orris root and John the Conqueror root. Ask St. Raymond for his assistance. He is the one to pray to as your make your desire known.


3 thoughts on “Various Magickal Lamp Recipes

  1. Oil lamps are really pretty to make out of a half of a coconut, too. If you put one together for St. Expedite for help in money quickly or to pray for breaking a habit of procrastination, red flowers or I think black and red color combos are great with an oil for him. Coconut oil lamps are traditional Caribbean ideas.
    I personally thank being able to work with St. Expeditus, for he has helped me out in quite a bind at times!


    1. Sorry it took us so long to respond. I have a few herbs that are associated with luck. You can create your own oil by using any 3 or 7 herbs together(that are associated with luck). These numbers are numbers most closely associated with witchcraft. Just use equal portions, for example if you use a half a cup of lavender, then use a half of cup of whatever. This is just an example, here are the herbs:
      Alfalfa, ash tree leaves, basil, blessed thistle, chamomile, galangal root, grains of paradise, mustard seed, peony, yellow dock, Irish moss, five-finger grass, silver weeds, John the conqueror root, four leaf clover, rosemary and sumbul root. To get start, use either vegetable oil or Virgin Olive oil as base. In your mortar and pestle pour two ounces of oil, and add two tablespoons of the herbs you have chosen. Store in a consecrated dark place for three day. On the fourth day, check the smell. If the oil is weak, use a piece of cheesecloth and strain the oil. Add two more tablespoons of your herb mixture to the strained oil. Repeat this process till you have the desired smell.

      I hope you have found this helpful. I apologize again for taking so long to respond.
      May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,
      Lady A


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