Astrology of Today – July 9, 2015






Astrology of Today – July 9, 2015


Mercury spent a longer than usual time in the sign of Gemini (from April 30-July 8) and is now transiting Cancer. Today, the Moon forms mostly easy aspects, pointing to a general ease expressing ourselves and our emotions.
•The Moon is in Aries until 3:49 PM.
•The Moon is void from 9:46 AM to 3:49 PM.
•The Moon is in Taurus from 3:49 PM forward (until Saturday, July 11th, at 8:16 PM)
•The Moon is waning and in its Last Quarter phase.
•The Last Quarter Moon occurred yesterday.
•Venus is direct and is in its pre-retrograde shadow (Venus will retrograde from July 25-September 6).