Eat A Lot of Food, Shoot Off A Bunch of Fireworks & Have A Terrific 4th!


Well at least I did get a little done, no thanks to the herb snatching woman. When we first moved out here the whole neighborhood got together to celebrate the 4th. That tradition died out just as it came my turn to host the annual party. They all voted (which I didn’t know a thing about) and decided they wanted to start that tradition back up. Since I was next in line, I got a phone call from one of my neighbors telling me about it and where it was going to be. I was left speechless.


Anyway, we all get together, grill hamburgers and hot dogs, play volleyball and basketball. Everyone bring a dish and helps out on the food, thank goodness. They also bring lots of outdoor furniture and the outdoor games they want to play. I know the first year I went to one of these outings, I broke my ankle. Dumb ass was playing volleyball and stepped right in a hole and snap went the ankle. So I was in a cast for a few weeks over that. But anyway back to the story, it is just like a huge country block party. The only thing I dread is them shooting off the fireworks. They put a whole in the side of my house, almost had a bottle rocket go through my radiator and if a neighbor hadn’t pushed me out of the way, my eye would have been put out. See what fun, I have to look forward too. They are suppose to start showing up around 2:00, anybody got any Prozac, lol!


The house is already cleaned up, all I have left to do is to throw on some make-up real quick and comb my hair. Then just wait for all my neighbors to arrive. Can’t wait! It is funny how you want to beat the crap out of a few all year long, then when a community get together happens, you are all lovey dovey, hmm.


I am off to get the party started. I hope everyone has a very wonderful 4th of July. Enjoy the food, enjoy the company and enjoy the fireworks.

Stay safe, my sweets,

Till Tomorrow,

Love ya,

Lady A