We Aren’t Really Gone…..

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We are up-dating all of our sites. I have got to the point, I don’t like to rush around at the last minute trying to get everything done. With this site, we have to close it and I don’t like it being down any longer than absolutely necessary. So we all agreed, we are lazy, it is a Monday so why not up-date them now? You don’t mind seeing July info a day early do you? Just think of it this way, you will be well prepared for the month to come, lol!


Anyway, we are off to start up-dating, you need anything, just holler. We will be hopping around here somewhere.


Have a very happy Monday afternoon & a blessed week, my sweets,

Love ya,

Lady A

2 thoughts on “We Aren’t Really Gone…..

  1. A site this big and full of awesome requires maintenance. Do what you gotta do.


    1. Sorry I am slow reading all the comments in the back. I just read yours and thank you for the wonderful comment. That means a lot coming from you, seriously. I think it has something to do with your pic, the owl. I consider you a very wise and knowledgeable person. So I definitely appreciate the compliment from you. Now off to get something done. As you can tell we were really lazy yesterday, didn’t get a thing done. Hmm, maybe they did that on purpose so I would be up at 11:00 at night fixing it, what’cha think?
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


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