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Mon 15th Bouncy Gemini Moon keeps us on the go. Finish old business to prepare for New Moon tomorrow.

Tue 16th Brotherly New Moon in Gemini helps us see others in a different light, emphasizing our kinship. Begin projects involving communication today

Wed 17th Kindly Cancer Moon suggests loving care of others.

Thur 18th History loving Cancer Moon inclines us toward research, family archives

Fri 19th Playful Leo Moon says take time to have fun

Sat 20th Romantic Leo Moon generates hopes for a happy love match

Sun 21st Summer Solstice (1st Day of Summer) Begins June 21st 2015 (Fact Interesting Facts about Summer / Interesting Facts about Solstices) and Fathers Day (Fact The History of Fathers Day) – Luxury loving Leo Moon begins the day, changing to Practical Virgo Moon at 1 PM. Summer Solstice as Sun enters Cancer at 12:38 EDT. Enjoy the year’s longest day doing something new and different

Mon 22nd Efficient Virgo Moon gets the day off to a good start. Jupiter trining Uranus suggests unusual opportunities may emerge.

Tue 23rd Picky Virgo Moon could help generate undue criticism. Mercury square Neptune could mean misunderstandings. Think twice before commenting

Wed 24th Indecisive Libra Moon says wait and see before acting. Mars into Cancer could make for an emphasis on real estate, home repairs

Thur 25th Beauty Loving Libra Moon suggests we visit an art museum or concert

Fri 26th Justice seeking Libra Moon gives way to passionate Scorpio Moon at 2 PM EDT; have fun with a significant other tonight

Sat 27th Organizing Scorpio Moon means good energy for rearranging and reorganizing home and/or life

Sun 28th Paul Bunyan Day (Fact The History of Paul Bunyan) and Ramadan (begins at sundown in the Middle East/Europe but starts a day later in North America, see below for details) – Possessive Scorpio Moon wants to hold on. Venus Trining Uranus may bring unusual surprises.

Mon 29th Wisdom seeking Sagittarius Moon discovers new ways to perceive as the Venus Uranus energy continues

Tue 30th Fun Loving Sagittarius Moon craves adventures, try somewhere new for lunch.

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