Your Charm for June 13th is Cancer the Crab

Your Charm for Today

Cancer the Crab

Today’s Meaning:
This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is emotional, loving, intuitive, imaginative, shrewd, cautious, protective and sympathetic. This could be an elder you look up too.

General Description:
Fourth sign of the Zodiac, June 22nd to July 23rd. Ruled by the Moon; correct metal, Silver. Those born under Cancer’s influence were supposed to be keen observers, imaginative, strong willed, reliant, tenacious, imressionable, brilliant, reserved, exacting, and sometimes over anxious. The Cancer stones are the emerald, agate, and chalcedony. The emerald was most highly esteemed in ancient times, was believed to possess great healing powers, and to be benficial to the eyes. Emerald talismans were worn to invode eloquence, courage, protection from sickness, and by seamen to guard them from perils at sea. Emeralds were supposed to turn pale at the approach of danger.

2 thoughts on “Your Charm for June 13th is Cancer the Crab

  1. I am a textbook cancer…in everyway lol. Of course I always say I am cancer and I cannot be cured (bad joke) and the cancer’s symbol looks like 69…lol


    1. You are a textbook Cancer, I am a textbook Pisces. I agree the symbol we provided for Cancer is a little out in left field. It is just an artist’s general interruption of the sign. You ought to see the one for Pisces, a huge, huge, ugly fish. It is enough to make me want to change signs, lol! It would be nice if the artist kept things simple and their images look like what they are suppose to represent.

      Thank you for your comment, Ken. Have a very blessed day!
      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A


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