Tasha’s Day by Day Astro Planner

DRAGON FIRETasha’s Day by Day Astro Planner


Mon 8th Compassionate Pisces Moon could slow down Monday efficiency. Sun sextile Jupiter suggests opportunities to learn
Tue 9th Intuitive Pisces Moon leads us in the right direction
Wed 10th Aggressive Aries Moon gets things off to a fiery start. Slow down if need be. Several sextiles bring opportunities for unusual solutions
Thur 11th King Kamehameha Day (Fact The History of Kamehameha Day) – Hasty Aries Moon inspires feelings of impatience. Mercury turns direct today, releasing us from “re” tasks
Fri 12th Steady Taurus Moon helps us stick to what needs doing. Neptune turns retrograde and may lead to confusion. Meditation may help
Sat 13th Grounded Taurus Moon begs us to work outdoors or with crafts
Sun 14th Flag Day (Fact The History of Flag Day U.S) – Gentle Taurus Moon gives way to chatty Gemini Moon at 2 PM. Mars conjunct Sun makes for an energetic day. Saturn backs into Scorpio for a while, and for several months we revisit responsibilities we need to wind up
Mon 15th Bouncy Gemini Moon keeps us on the go. Finish old business to prepare for New Moon tomorrow.


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