Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, June 2nd




Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, June 2nd


This morning, you may become aware of the need for adjustments, dear Aries. Concerns tend to be about your responsibilities and whether or not you are reaching for your goals, as you’ve been especially busy taking care of small problems and little things. If you’ve been spreading yourself too thin at the expense of your larger goals, you’ll feel the need to make changes on this front now. With a Full Moon occurring in your solar ninth house, you may be publishing or completing an important project now or in the coming weeks. For other Aries, you may have a strong urge to take off somewhere or to depart your usual routine or way of thinking in some way. This Full Moon can bring illumination to, or the culmination of, learning matters or projects. An idea that you’ve been working on might blossom now. Advertising or promotional efforts can be successful.


Early day tensions might revolve around money, a possible purchase, or a need to get away that seems difficult to pull off, dear Taurus. If you’re feeling indecisive, try putting out your feelers for information. Advice doesn’t have to be taken, but may very well get your own thinking processes working in reaction. A Full Moon occurs in your intimacy sector today, and tends to bring matters to fruition or illuminate matters. Finances or shared resources can be a topic now, but for others, it’s about an intimate relationship or personal matter. While there could be some drama with regards to money, it might be a time for settling debts or collecting on money owed. There can be new insight into a relationship or a psychological matter. Emotions are important now, but can cloud over logic, so feel them but wait for big decision making.


With Mars in your sign, recently you’ve been more assertive, courageous, and possibly hasty, dear Gemini. Today, with Mars in difficult aspect with Pluto, displaced anger might be driving some of your actions or reactions if you’re not aware of it. Try to examine immediate reactions, as they can be quite revealing of problem areas. A Full Moon today occurs in your opposite sign (Sagittarius). This can bring relationship matters to light, or could indicate an important epiphany or turning point. Something about you could be revealed. Sudden awareness of a pre-existing situation can figure strongly today, especially regarding a significant other in your life.


A relationship or a personal problem can be weighing heavily on your brain this morning, dear Cancer. A decision may not be necessary, so take the pressure off yourself. Perhaps the conundrum should simply be felt now and the problem solved at a later date. A Full Moon occurs today, and can bring a service-related, work, health, or private matter to light. Some of you could be dealing with deadlines, or a sudden reveal of flaws to a plan that need management. There could be a new development, fruition of a project, or turning point that you’re dealing with now and in the coming weeks. It’s a wake-up call, but you can handle this onward thrust, and be happy for it. Emotions run high right now, so take things in before making important decisions.


You might experience some tension early today, dear Leo, as your desire to unwind and relax may be challenged. Power games might occur in your work, or pressures to get things done can weigh heavily on you. If someone’s methods grate on your nerves, try to dismiss them. Stay centered and keep things simple for best results right now. The Full Moon today occurs in your celebratory, creative solar fifth house, and this brings emotions to the surface and illumination to a social or romantic matter. This can be a time of epiphanies, breakthroughs, turning points, and sudden awareness. Unrecognized feelings might be expressed now. A project might be completed or announced. This is a time for listening to your heart, but it’s also important to take things in before making critical decisions.


Fears of expressing yourself creatively or speaking out on a matter can prevent you from going forward with plans this morning, dear Virgo. However, even if insecurities or frustrations are holding you back, it’s best to present your more competent and professional side to the world, and perhaps wait for a better day for pushing forward with something entirely new. A Full moon occurs today, and can prompt a need to move around your priorities, particularly if you’ve been too heavily focused on your outside responsibilities or work. Home, family, or a personal matter can grab your attention now, and the need to bring your life back into balance becomes evident now. Areas of life that are stirred up now are in flux for good reason – to bring your attention to imbalances and to unrecognized emotions.


Concerns about matters on the home front can be undermining your confidence this morning, Libra, and the desire to flee and escape your responsibilities can be strong. Restlessness is the likely result. Take a deep breath and find a balance. Avoid dwelling on matters that you can’t change, and instead work on things that you can. A Full Moon occurs midday, and with any Full Moon, there can be illumination of a matter, epiphany, or culmination. This lunation occurs in your communications and immediate environment sector, and it can stimulate quite a bit of flux and activity. There could be things to do, deadlines to meet, a culmination of a project or study, or news of a travel or educational matter. While it’s important to take in what’s happening now, keep in mind that all may not be as it seems. Wait and see before making major moves.


Try not to read too much into others’ actions and words this morning, Scorpio. The tendency to dwell on past conversations and interactions with others that bothered you is strong with Mars in awkward aspect with Pluto. Avoid alienating people you care about, and be kind to yourself by attempting to let go of frustrations rather than dwell on them. A Full Moon occurs midday in your finance and values sector, and this can bring an important breakthrough, new information, or the fruition of a matter surrounding business or finances. This lunation falls along an axis that also has to do with talents and resources, as well as sexual and intimate relationships, so new feelings or discoveries may revolve around these things. Because what we see today may be a little overblown by emotions, it’s best to take things in, digest, and process before making big moves or decisions.


Angers and frustrations can be operating very close to the surface in the first half of the day, dear Sagittarius, but can be difficult to express directly. Differences in opinions now may very well boil down to issues surrounding basic values. It will be important not to dwell on the negative because it’s not likely to get you to a better place. Find ways to loosen up and relax. A Full Moon midday tends to define the rest of it, and it’s in your sign. This can bring a lot of activity and attention your way, and sudden emotions or epiphanies to your life. A personal revelation can occur now, or if you’ve been focusing so much on others and their agendas, you can have a sudden need to attend to your own plans and needs or a burst of independence. Pay close attention to what emerges today – listen to your heart! Take things in rather than acting upon emotions just yet.


Insecurities or worries could be an issue in the first half of the day, dear Capricorn, or you could be feeling a little under the weather, as recent imbalances may begin to spill over and affect you in various ways, possibly indirect ones. Make it your aim to keep stress under control by identifying those things that have you feeling off your game and working on eliminating them. You can handle a lot, but you may overestimate what your system can take, and going easy on yourself is important – something you may easily forget to do. A Full Moon occurs midday in your privacy sector, and this is wonderfully timed, as you are reminded to get extra rest. It might bring a work or health matter to light, but it’s most likely to stimulate a sudden and important desire to heal, rest, replenish, and self-nurture. Buried feelings can come to light, including things that may have hurt you in the past but that you’ve brushed to the side, and of course, getting in touch with these things is the first step to healing. Take time for yourself and steps towards a stronger feeling of well-being.


The desire to express yourself uniquely and creatively is very strong these days, dear Aquarius, although you could be wrestling with something from the past or insecurities that undermine your “performance” today. As such, you may not be coming across as smoothly as you would like, just for the moment. It’s appropriate now to examine your fears, but not to dwell on them. The Full Moon midday favors being around people, socializing, and expressing feelings. A friendship or romantic matter may be illuminated now, and epiphanies are quite possible. There may be a sudden demand for your company, invitations can come in, a romantic revelation, or an announcement can be made by a friend or lover – even a child. A pleasant feeling of being needed and needing others can be experienced now.


Try to find a better balance between home and outside responsibilities, dear Pisces. Difficulties with friends or associates may be affecting your home life, and you don’t need the added stress. Resentments or unresolved problems can have a way of emerging in erratic ways early today. The Moon is Full midday, influencing your public sector. This can bring you into the spotlight, and increases your visibility in general. What you have and haven’t done may seem to be everybody’s business now, and whether you’re feeling comfortable with it or not, put on your best show! Paying closer attention to the rules is important now. It’s another reminder to better manage your time and attention, keeping your personal and professional or public lives separate and neither one left neglected or overdone.