Making Your Own Moon Water

Lunar MothMaking Your Own Moon Water

Moon water is really simple to make and can be used for all sorts of spell work, rituals and anointing. It is useful to have in stock when you need to use the power of the Moon phase at a different time.


Using a dish, bowl or bottle, fill it with spring water and leave it outside (if it can be safely done) or on a windowsill so that it can soak up the power of the Full Moon. You can also do the same process on the New, Waxing, Waning or Dark Moon phases too. Once the water has absorbed the power of the Moon, you can keep it in an airtight bottle for future use.


You can also add a pinch of sea salt to the water to give it extra cleansing and purifying oomph.


Pagan Portals – Moon Magic
Rachel Patterson