Get a Jump on Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Wed., June 3rd




Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Horoscopes for Wednesday, June 3rd


While your focus on daily affairs may be keeping you bound to a desk or close to home these days, dear Aries, yesterday’s Full Moon has brought out a need for more adventure, a wider reach, or something non-routine. You could be coming out with a project, ready to announce something important to you, or promoting a recent project. Today, your personal appeal is strong. Avoid giving in to sudden impulses and desires, but do treat yourself to some form of light indulgence or extravagance – something that you won’t later regret. The Moon enters your career and goals sector tonight, where it will stay through to the end of Friday, and this can stimulate your ambitions.


You might be in the position to play detective today, dear Taurus, or it’s about your disposition, as you tend to be investigating, researching, and analyzing. It’s a good time for probing and looking at old problems in a new light, but do watch for false information or a tendency to latch on to “facts” that support wishful or even fearful thinking, with Neptune clouding our vision. Today, you might suddenly become obsessed with something or someone, but this is only a mask for a deeper issue. Avoid overly impulsive moves right now, but do treat yourself with a small indulgence. People are drawn to you today – you have a little extra oomph.


Today is a good time for giving your close relationships or significant people in your life their due attention, dear Gemini. Resolutions are likely now. It’s a time for showing how fair you can be. You might go so far as to people-please today, and this is just fine if you are truly feeling good about it, but know your limits on this front. Avoid going overboard to the point that you feel overloaded or put upon. Overall, the day is strong for connecting and bonding with others. The Moon moves into your solar eighth house tonight, where it will stay through to the end of Friday, and this can bring on a more introspective disposition.


Health or work matters that have been brushed aside recently are in focus now, dear Cancer, and this is a good time to give them their due attention. There can be a good feeling that comes from being productive, useful, or helpful now, although the day’s energies may seem to favor emotions and pleasures over practical activities. It might be wise to allow more time for yourself to get things done. The Moon enters your partnership zone tonight, where it will stay through to the end of Friday. This brings out your need to be with others, but most of all, with a significant someone. One-on-one seems the most appealing and beneficial during this cycle.


You may have received a cosmic push to explore your creativity or to express yourself in special ways from yesterday’s Full Moon, dear Leo. Today, take the time to tune in to your heart’s desire, as it’s an important time for realizing your needs, even if they’ve been buried for quite some time. Watch, however, for desires that seem to come on too quickly, as they may only be masks for what you truly want. The Moon enters your work and service sector tonight, where it will stay through to the end of Friday. This can stimulate an emotional need to contribute and produce. Work and health can be in stronger focus.


There can be an indulgent, passive quality to the day, dear Virgo. You are amenable and in the mood to spoil someone you care about. Family matters tend to attract your attention and thrive for you right now. Past issues can emerge, and it’s mostly a pleasant trip down memory lane. There may be a move or reorganizing of the home in the works, and new ideas about improving your home life or domestic activities. Later today, you are moving out of a domestic or withdrawn frame of mind, and could be itching to do something creative or share your ideas and feelings with others.


Teaching, authoring, and communications in general can be especially rewarding now, dear Libra. The day is more settled than it was yesterday, although you may not be certain where to direct your energies. You might find it nice to talk something through, spend time with others, and learn assorted facts. Personal magnetism is good. Later today, the Moon moves into your home and family sector for a couple of days, and this brings out the desire to surround yourself with familiar people and to stick with what you know just for the time being. Attention to personal matters is most appropriate now.


There can be special interest in, and focus on, money, possessions, valuables, and comfort today, dear Scorpio. You might want to look into ways to increase your income through networking, expanding your audience, and connecting with people far and wide. You could be looking into the past for benefits, or reviewing the past, especially with finances and close relationships now. The desire for comfort is very strong today. Tonight, the Moon moves into your communications zone where it will stay for a couple of days, stimulating your curiosity and desire for movement, learning, and connecting.


This is a day for being closer to your heart, dear Sagittarius, with the Full Moon having just occurred in your own sign. Today, there continues to be a lot of attention and focus on you. and with emotions still in the forefront but a little more settled, it’s a good time to consider what you need to feel satisfied or fulfilled. Desires can feel pressing, and you are giving off good vibes. Sometimes the Moon in our own sign can lead us to act childish or spoiled – avoid this as much as possible. It’s very appropriate to focus on your needs, but allow things and people to come to you. The Moon leaves your sign tonight, and will spend a couple of days in your values sector, prompting a stronger need to take care of what you have and own.


This is an important time for helping others, dear Capricorn, or for volunteering and performing other types of service for some of you. Others may need to go within and spend more time alone and resting with the Full Moon having just occurred in your spirituality sector and the Moon continuing to highlight this part of your chart until tonight. As much as possibly, avoid entertaining guilt about what you haven’t done. Do what you know is right at the moment and resolve to do so more often going forward. Tonight, the Moon moves into your sign, where it will spend time for a couple of days. This is a time for more emotional clarity as well as urgency, as emotional needs can feel pressing.


This can be a good time for reaching out to friends and people in your network, dear Aquarius. You may be especially aware of the need for their support, or simply the good feeling of camaraderie with others. You could be bringing something special to a group now, and deriving satisfaction from that. There may be surprises in your social life, but for some of you, there can be feelings of unrest if you are expecting more than you are getting from your friends. This is a day for being kind to yourself. The Moon enters your privacy zone tonight, where it will stay through to the end of Friday, and stirs the need for emotional renewal, rest, reflection, and healing.


There is a stronger focus on performance, career, responsibilities, and what others expect of you today, Pisces. Keep a safe distance emotionally if you need to draw conclusions or deal with important facts and figures. Otherwise, entertain your feelings about where you’re headed and why – you can learn a lot about yourself in the process. Avoid impulsive moves on the career front today, but do watch for interesting and seemingly coincidental events now. Tonight, the Moon moves into your solar eleventh house, where it will stay through to the end of Friday. This brings less emphasis on performance and more interest in socializing.