Your Horoscopes for Monday, June 1st, 2015




Your Horoscopes for Monday, June 1st, 2015



This is a good time for being on the same page with a family member or loved ones, dear Aries. You can have good ideas about how to deal with, manage, and improve your domestic life. There can be some wonderful humor shared with family, or a stronger sense of well-being through time spent at or around home. You are far less concerned about who’s right and who’s wrong, and this makes for a mostly pressure-free time. This afternoon, while you’re beginning to crave being freer or more adventurous, you’re also inclined to take topics or opinions expressed quite seriously.


The first part of the day favors conversation, movement, and new ideas, dear Taurus. There can be a relatively easy flow of energy experienced now, making it quite natural for you to make connections. While ideas are in the spotlight, and they may be quite large, the day favors actions that are smaller and simpler. It’s not always the best strategy to play it safe, but today it may very well be – in actions, not in thoughts – with the Moon and Saturn aligning in your intimacy sector. This can also bring up a serious topic with a partner, or could spark serious thoughts about your commitments.


The first part of the day is good for making connections, cooperating, and communicating, Gemini, and for connecting with old friends or acquaintances. You have a particularly strong sense for business matters and daily affairs. As the day moves forward, your thoughts could turn to your commitments. With others, and especially a partner, focus on coming to a state of balance and moderation, and even in the face of stubbornness, aim to be fair and patient. At the moment, underplaying your offerings can in fact draw more attention. The Moon in your partnership zone from afternoon forward brings your attention to close relationships.


The first half of the day is very good day for personal impact and popularity, dear Cancer. Consider a problem from a variety of angles, and don’t be afraid to think in creative, big terms. Envision what it is you want from the world, balance this with what you are prepared to offer, and you’re all set. Expressing your needs, even wordlessly, is quite effortless now. The Moon moves into your work and health sector this afternoon, and quite soon after, aligns with serious Saturn. This brings your responsibilities and duties to the forefront, and for the greatest emotional satisfaction, it’s best if you give them your all. It’s also a good time to take care of unfinished work or to begin a health or fitness program.


The first part of the day brings easy energy for going about your business smoothly and under the radar, Leo. With Saturn in your solar fifth house, your self-expression may not be quite as spontaneous as it once was, as you tend to be taking things a little more seriously recently. This also allows you to better focus on one or two things and do them well, and this is especially true of creative efforts. Today, the Moon aligns with Saturn, and you can more easily tap into this focused energy. For some, however, there could be a feeling of being left out of the fun, overworked, or otherwise drained. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Simplify as much as possible. Later today, you’re more inclined to loosen up and enjoy yourself.


The first part of the day brings rather easy, cooperative energy to your world, Virgo. Your mood can change quite a bit as the day moves forward, so try not to stretch your usual boundaries too much. Obligations to family and domestic duties can weigh on your mind this afternoon. Give family and home life, as well as personal matters, adequate attention, but don’t go overboard to the point that it’s burdensome. The key to being effective is to do your best, but in moderation. Excess hurts you and can interfere in your relationships as well. Organize, strengthen, and sort things out.


Friendly energy is with you this morning, dear Libra, particularly as you take care of business. There is an easy flow of energy and general agreement between head and heart. The Moon aligns with Saturn in your communications sector this afternoon, and it’s a reminder to listen more than you speak, as there is much to take in from the goings-on around you. You might benefit from conversing with someone in a position of authority today, or for supporting someone if you are in the position of authority figure. You may be recognized for your accomplishments.


There is easy energy with you in the first half of the day for movement, connections, and asserting yourself, Scorpio. The Moon leaves your sign this afternoon, and emotions tend to move from the front to back burner. Reviewing your budget, banking, and other financial activities are favored right now. There can be a good feeling of security coming from the ability to be productive. While you might feel some restlessness if you are tied to routine, you are able to combine fun and work quite well right now, and overall you are facing less resistance and more acceptance of your ideas, goals, and plans.


There is relatively easy and also somewhat invisible energy with you in the first half of the day, Sagittarius, with the Moon in your privacy sector keeping you under the radar. The Moon in your sign from afternoon forward can act to boost your mood and increase your compassion, although if things are not going very well for you, you could be a little too self-absorbed at this time. Focusing on your emotional needs is in fact very important now, but it’s best to do so in moderation. You tend to naturally take on the role of leader or trendsetter, but first, you might feel a little swamped with things to do, or responsibilities to fulfill, with the Moon and Saturn meeting up in your sign.


You are very interested in solving problems in the first part of the day, Capricorn, or at the very least, talking about doing so! You are enthusiastic and very tuned in. Some of you could be very interested in bringing up a topic that is normally left unspoken. From afternoon forward, take extra time to get in touch with your deepest needs and wishes. Find time to unwind, or for quiet times with yourself when you can eliminate the excess clutter in your mind. With peace and quiet comes more opportunities to listen to your inner voice. Today and the next couple of days are good for finding your emotional center.


You are most successful today with an accepting and undemanding attitude, dear Aquarius. There is good energy for practical affairs, as you have especially strong intuition and business sense today. Work around slowdowns experienced this afternoon. Be gracious and graceful now. Receiving a lesson about your own limitations might frustrate at first, but can ultimately do you very well. It helps to remove some of the roadblocks in your path, and to bring expectations into the realizable zone. The Moon moves into your friendship sector, and the need to be around like-minded people builds.


This is a great day for letting your mind expand and open in order to entertain thoughts that you might typically cast aside or not even imagine, dear Pisces. It’s an idea day for you. Communications of all kinds are emphasized. Although Mercury is retrograde, remember that you can still come up with good ideas and make nice progress on current projects. This afternoon, there can be a reminder of a responsibility or a duty, which can feel a little heavy at first, but as you begin to drop self-consciousness, you are more able to identify what truly needs to be done, and this can be empowering