Well, My Sweets, We Hate to Call It A Day So Early But….

Goddess Bless PicturesWe hate to call it a day so early. We tried to get an early start to get everything done for you today. But we didn’t quite make it and I apologize. I hope everyone understands why we are having to leave so early. We have to take a couple of critters to the vets this afternoon at 2:00. One is a check up and the other is shots (and the one with the shots happens to be Razzy, the bobcat). Generally, I can take one by myself. But when we take Razzy, it take at least two of us to handle her. I handle her and the other person gets to handle the calmer one. Razzy gets upset when she travels in a car and you should hear the carrying on she does. The growling, the snarling until me and then she stops. But in a small space it will put you deaf.

Anyway, I know y’all are all pet lovers and understand. I hate to run but we had to reschedule these appointments once already. So I feel obligated to keep the ones we have this afternoon.


Wish me good luck and that I come back with both arms (just kidding). I hope everyone has a super Monday and we will see you tomorrow. Till then…

Love ya,

Lady A

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