Ok, just two more things and I’ll get to work, Promise!

Real quick, ha! First off, did you hear about the glitch in Internet Explorer 8. This morning they released it on the News about this glitch in IE 8. It seems to be a pretty evil glitch to me. Hackers can easily access your computer through this glitch and take it over. They recommended you either go to the Microsoft page and get a patch for it or you switch browsers. When I go to Microsoft it takes all day for me to get anything done (and I don’t consider myself computer ignorant). So I simply switched browsers. I am now using Google Chrome, which was one of the browser they recommended. This is just an observation but, have you noticed how hard the internet is getting hit with hacks, virus, malware and etc., here recently. Makes me stop and think, none of this use to happen so often till a certain person ran off with laptops full of government secrets. And you know as well as I do, some of those files had to be about the internet, how it operated and it weakness. Hmm, does make one wonder?

Ok, so much for that, now last but definitely not least…….there is numerous comments and questions in the back. If you are one that has wrote to me, then I will start answering them this afternoon. It is not my intention to ignore you at all, just been a bit busy. But hang with me and I promise you will get your answers.

Now, off to work I go, hi-ho, hi-ho, lol!

Have a great one!

Lady A