A Very Blessed Tuesday Morning To All My Dear Family & Friends!

Good morning, my dear, sweet family & friends! No, I’m not buttering you up for something. I just want you to know how much you mean to me. I know I don’t say it often enough but that is going to change. I guess it never really dawns on you how much some people mean to you till its too late. I was thinking this morning about all the tornadoes that struck all around us. I know there was lives lost and I can’t imagine, one minute your loved one is with you, then they are just wisped away. In a blink of an eye, your life changes forever. I just can’t comphrend that, my mind can’t grasp it. Perhaps being human we aren’t suppose too. But I do know there are lots of our brothers and sisters located in these areas hit by the tornadoes. They need our prayers, our love and our support.

What took so long this morning, I wrote a little prayer for those effected by these storms. If you have time today, please say it or one similar and light a candle for them. Our brothers and sisters need us now more than ever. Remember them.


Great Goddess, Almighty Mother,
Be with the tornado victims in the South
They have lost everything in this world,
homes, belonging and most of all loved ones.
In a matter of minutes, everything was gone.
Our words cannot ease their pain and confusion
they are experiencing at this time.
Great Mother, ease their pain and soothe their
battered spirits.
Bless them with the strength and courage to
continue on in the upcoming days.
Enfold them in your compassionate arms
Help them to move forward with their lives
Great Mother, let those who were so suddenly
taken now rest with you in the Summerland.
Let those left behind always remember them
in their hearts and souls.
Help them through this difficult time, let them
know their loved ones are now in a place filled
with love and beauty, waiting one day to embrace
them as they enter the Summerlands. Let them
not dwell on the grief but instead remember what
a joyous day it will be when they are reunited
with those who were lost.
Give them the strength to begin to pick up
the pieces of their lives and start to carry on.
Watch over them, dear Mother.
Let them know they are not alone,
they are in our hearts and prayers.
Bless them with your Almighty Love, Comfort
and Compassion.

As a child of Yours, Dear Mother, I humbly ask this.

So Mote It Be.