Tiger Totem – Passionate Endeavors

Tiger Totem

Passionate Endeavors


Messages and Meanings: power, devotion to offspring, past life connections, adventuresome
Tiger totem symbolizes power and passion. Tiger medicine is flamboyant with its bold and sleek look. Sensuality and sensitivity are characteristics of tiger medicine. The tiger is not necessarily drawn to family life, but its mating is magnetic and passionate, and mothers are very devoted to their young.Anyone with the tiger as their totem is likely to be drawn to water. If you look to their natal chart in astrology the water element will be prominent. The tiger prowls at night time. If you are drawing from tiger medicine your best productivity will be in the evening and into the early morning hours.

If tiger makes its appearance you could find yourself drawn to another person with strong karmic ties. Tiger energy is not gentle… you will FEEL things, emotionally deep stuff. But, in the end it will be worthwhile. Tigers are adventuresome animals, so get ready for the ride of your life.