Cat Totems

Cat Totems

Nocturnal Felines

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A cat’s nature to prowl after dark. Cats have keen eyesight and are also very instinctual. People with cat medicine tend to walk on the dark side and delve into mysterious depths. They are curious and make good detectives.


Tiger totem symbolizes power and passion. Tiger medicine is flamboyant with its bold and sleek look. Sensuality and sensitivity are characteristics of tiger medicine. The tiger is not necessarily drawn to family life, but its mating is magnetic and passionate, and mothers are very devoted to their young. The tiger prowls at night time. If you are drawing from tiger medicine your best productivity will be in the evening and into the early morning hours.


The lion as a totem carries a group or family energy. They roam the countryside within a pride. Community is very important to them. If lion is your totem then you will have a strong sense of community or a desire to belong to a group. The lion is known for its magnificent mane and ferocious roar. The roar is a predatory warning. The lion does not wish to fight, but will take a stand to protect the lionesses and cubs in his pride. The lioness’ role is hunter and caregiver for the cubs.

Domesticated Cats

The domestic cat is a favorite pet in peoples’ homes. Personality traits of domestic cats can vary depending on the breed. Cats are said to have nine lives, able to get themselves out of dangerous predicaments as easily as they got into them. People with a domestic cat as their totem are often curious and unpredictable. Cat medicine teaches independence and the okay-ness of not following someone else’s lead.


The bob cat is solitary and highly instinctual in nature. Males and females come together only during the winter mating season. Females do not roam far from home, whereas the males are nomadic and will mate with half a dozen females from different territories. There is a mystical aura surrounding those with bob cat as their spirit totem, they are empathic, secretive, and knowing.


Other names for the cougar include puma, mountain lion, and panther depending on the region. The lesson of the cougar is to come into your own power, flex your muscles, and show your assertiveness. The cougar is likely to show up in your life when you are struggling with indecision… to spawn action.


Not to be confused with the cougar, the name panther is associated with both leopard and jaguar cats. These animals are loners, quietly pursuing their lives. People with panthers as their spirit guides are often introspective and exude their power from the background. If you have lost your personal power invite panther to teach you how to find it.